Cuts Both Ways
Cuts Both Ways by Krash
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Nitebeat unregistered
#4   27 Sep 2002
Ledges eh 0_° 0_- 0_0
well it's ok. Bit cramped though.

Woot first comment in two and a half years =-D !!
where's mah cookeh...

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Krash unregistered
#3   01 Mar 2000

it was. Plus, there's a quad there, and we all like to have thuings on the ground underneath items, don't we?

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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#2   29 Feb 2000
This is probably the most worthless comment ever posted, but I think the 'orange circle texture' in the middle of the courtyard (see screenshot) looks a little random. As if it was placed there to take up some bare space.
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Krash unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2000
Hehe. First post on my own map =]

I agree that some of the things in this map are a bit gimmicky - the rising platforms in particular. However, these platforms were in the original (doom2) version of the map. The rising platform under the rocket launcher takes some of the focus away from the rl, and also provides cover while up. But anyway =]

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