Cast Into Shadows

Author: Dana Jan (QuartZ)
Email: **email removed**

Map Name: QUARTZCTF1.BSP (Cast Into Shadows)
Completed: 2-16-00
Editor Used: Q3Radiant
Project Time: 10 days (part-time)
Game Type: Capture the Flag
Arena Size: Medium/Large (4+ per team)
Bot Support: Yes


First, a little info about the map itself. The design of this map is meant to be fairly enclosed and more like the good ol' CTF maps of Quake 1. There are small corridors, dark areas to hide in, and of course good places to camp out for defenders. Many of the CTF maps I like have these elements, and I think they add another dimension to the gameplay other than who can kill who when you meet in the middle. I really liked the sneaking around in Quake 1 and lurking in the shadows (hence the name). Other than that, the layout is straight forward and not too complicated because the objective is capturing the flag, not getting lost.

Secondly, framerates have been a concern in the mapping community, but after receiving an email from Tim Willits of id software, it sounds like it's better to make maps that look fantastic on Top-of-the-Line video cards and CPU's than to make tame/boring architecture for the sake of those running lesser machines. I apologize to those who are framerate-challenged, but when it comes to getting noticed by companies like id, I think it's better to have a knockout map and say "It's not my fault your machine can't handle it" than to say, "umm well, it's a box map because you can get 300fps in it!" Not to say that I didn't optimize it. It's just that my last map was made when I had a Voodoo2 and now I have a GeForce DDR. Nuff said.

Be sure to check out my other map QUARTZDM1 "The Final Hour." It is available at map sites on PlanetQuake.

If you want to send me feedback, my email address is above or post
articles on the Shugashack Q3Edit Board. My name there is Samurai01.

-Dana Jan (QuartZ)

PS - For future magazines interested in putting this map on your CD, the process is as follows: Email me for permission, upon permission agree to send me a free copy of the issue with my map on the CD, send me the magazine. I don't care what language it is in (you French hear me?).

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