Let's do the 69!
Let's do the 69! by [69]Streamer
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#12   09 May 2021
Could have been much much better with a few tweaks. The flow is interrupted by poorly chosen brushes and distances.
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Trinity unregistered
#11   08 Mar 2000
Wow ... really fast and cool map ... though it would make an even better rocket arena 3 map ...
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#10   03 Mar 2000
It's nice to play for say 10 minutes but then it gets boring it is just to small make it bigger in your next level ok I'll give you a 6 but make it bigger next time got that ok
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Fool unregistered
#9   02 Mar 2000
Ok. My name should be in here enough for y'all (<--southern) to know I'm a CTF player. But...for a DM map, this one is kewl. Not big on architecture, but for fraggin, it's very nice. If you like to kill fast and often, this one's for you. Jump pads were well used and the vertical environment is a nice change from ID's single layer crap. Bots play very well amazingly on this map. They didn't cluster in one area for a change. However, I never could really get them to the upper level by the grenade launcher. (This is the only map I've ever seen where the grenade launcher was a practical sniper weapon!)

But I'm going to have to disagree with most of you. I don't think the size depreciated the level. I think it came accross exactly as it was meant to, a tight fast action frag fest. 7 outta 10 for me.

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pjw unregistered
#8   01 Mar 2000
Good map, although I also think it's a little too small (I'd like to see it about 50% bigger). Also, if you do decide to rebuild/expand it, the lava area is b0rked--the lava brush doesn't touch the walls in a couple of places, and you get some really f'ed-up HOM problems when you are under the lava (yeah, yeah, I know; just don't die in the lava :-). Please consider expanding it a little? Very fun map!!
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Octovus unregistered
#7   29 Feb 2000
Oh yeah, a 7... nice map idea (in fact GREAT map idead IMHO) but just too small.
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Octovus unregistered
#6   29 Feb 2000
Hehe... so what, aren't we all sometimes Tim? (I know it was a joke =P). Yes, it felt nice, yes it would have been a good level YES it was TOO SMALL . If you could make an expanded version of this map it would kick some arse.. plz do.

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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[69]Streamer unregistered
#5   29 Feb 2000
Though i should add that this map is first in a series of maps that will later on be a compilation for rocket arena 3. BTW what's wrong with 69 in anything? :-)

I promise, my next release will be somewhat bigger... a mix of q2dm1 and q3dm6 anyone?

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AssBall unregistered
#4   29 Feb 2000
First of all, I am biased against anyone/thing with 69 in its name. That said, if this level was any smaller I'd probably throw up. When you run up the ramps it is hard to keep from flying off. Big powerups are not needed in a map this size either. You might as well put the bfg and the quad in for kicks too.
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Chain unregistered
#3   29 Feb 2000
Very cool, Rocket Arena like map... I like it. It plays very fast and its very tight.
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/// Type 40 unregistered
#2   29 Feb 2000
Anyone else having a hassle d/l this? The name is enough for me - I HAVE to get it! ;-)
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Timothy 11 Black unregistered
#1   29 Feb 2000
I agree w/Tig......plus it even looks like a pervert built it...hehe..J/K!!!
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