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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#7   22 Aug 2008
why oh why is that eggshaped bouncepad there! surely it could have been scaled down or placed on an angled surface or placed an accelerator pad there instead or widened the wall trim to fit it in - oh why. it looks kinda sloppy and spoils what was otherwise a really nice map! i would have given this a 10 if it werent for that bouncepad.
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CHISS*FPGA* unregistered
#6   31 Jul 2002
Its good becasue he worked hard on it and becasue he is in FPGA...

<a href="www.fpgahome.com" Target="_BLANK">www.fpgahome.com</a> =)

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Demus*FPGA* unregistered
#5   30 Jul 2002
Yeah dude!, it was a surprise to finally see your map here, since i remember playing the beta on your server and fearing the reviews, LOL..=) Well, it was a nice one so far. Keep up the good work. Q3A is alive and kicking!!!
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-cha0s- unregistered
#4   28 Jul 2002
i cant belive that this map was build in only 4 days ?!

but it looks great. 8 for me :)

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wviperw unregistered
#3   25 Jul 2002
Yes, a very solid looking/playing map. I really liked the layout, and as the reviewer said, it would have been better w/ a few connectivity and item tweaks. I liked how it was YA+MH vs. RA though. That angled JP at YA was really weird though. :)
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pjw unregistered
#2   25 Jul 2002
Wow. Damn nice map for a first map! I like the layout, although the clipping is overdone in places (e.g. ledges over jumpshafts, trim on stairs). Really nice clean look to it as well. I look forward to future maps.
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VisionThing unregistered
#1   25 Jul 2002
What happened to the beta of this map? Didn't ever see beta2 :-/.
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