Obsolete by EpicGlottis

The author's declared first Q3A map shows very good brush work with Q2-styled base architecture. The TECH1SOC texture set by Sock, and the balanced lighting, give this map a very good atmosphere. The map is multi-leveled, with large open areas. Although there are some hallways that connect the rooms, it lacks of connectivity in some parts, specially to get the red armor, where a teleporter in the corner next to it would have helped a lot. The bridge connecting the two main areas is also somewhat narrow and permits easy frags. As the text file says, there is plenty of pickups. The large amount of golden health balls make the map too heavily loaded for 1v1 games, making a 2 on 2 TDM probably a better choice. Bots play without problems.

Very nice effort, item placement and connectivity could have profited from some tweaking. I'm keeping it to play a few more 2 on 2 matches.


Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: Obsolete by EpicGlottis