Darkman]I['s Space
Darkman]I['s Space by Darkman]I[
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#11   11 Apr 2015
Very, very nice spacemap. Connectivity is good. At first i found the stairs a bit akward but it is very well placed. On most spacemaps the gameplay is horizontal on each platform and the vertical action comes from placing platforms on different heights.. The stairs and some other construction bring a bit more vertical action. Botplay was good (instagib). Suprisingly good space map!
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Cityy unregistered
#10   16 Mar 2009
When I saw the screenshot I thought: WOOOW!!!

Then I've played it and thought: WOOOW!!!²

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l3jmer unregistered
#9   21 Oct 2002
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Darkman]I[ unregistered
#8   14 Jul 2002
hi spacemap genie,

thanks for your comment. and thanks to all others who downloaded the map.

cu, Darkman]I[

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spacemap genie unregistered
#7   13 Jul 2002
yo darkman, im a spacemap stoner and i absolutley loved this map. bring out more space maps like this!! 10/10 definetly.
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Nightmare unregistered
#6   12 Jul 2002
I think this map is great.

It is so nice to see a map, especially a space map, that does things differently. Connectivity is tops with placement of items pretty good. Falling into the void is rare also!

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Skan unregistered
#5   09 Jul 2002
I love space maps, too bad so many of them are boring after a few rounds.

I like space maps because you have to think about where you are going and you can be knocked off (makes the RL a tool for lowering someones score). Doesn't matter how good a shot you are or how much armor you have, the void kills everyone

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Myth unregistered
#4   08 Jul 2002
quite a nice space map :)

I havnt downloaded a space map for years!! Out of interest how many ppl still like space maps? Most ppl I know hate them (Im not exactly a huge fan either)

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Darkman]I[ unregistered
#3   08 Jul 2002
Please post your comments!

Bitte poste einen Beitrag!


Darkman]I[ :D.

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Darkman]I[ unregistered
#2   07 Jul 2002
thanks mopan!
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MopAn unregistered
#1   06 Jul 2002
Hi Darkman, nice map. Enjoyed fraggin some bots by firing granates from the top level. Good idea put stairway in the center to concentrate action in the middle. Gave 8
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