tranquil place
by Mj
tranquil place by Mj
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H217 Rep. 470
#3   06 Mar 2013
Looks good
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Myth unregistered
#2   11 Jul 2002
The review sums up the map nicely. One or two more points to add...

Water is ok, but I felt that lining the whole bottom of the map with it was a bit much. Water kinda ruins gameplay when there's that much.

One theme continuity problem I found: where you have the moving platforms over the fog, there is another floating platform beneath them with the light emmiting from the bottom of it.. it didnt really fit in with the Gothic theme IMO (small point really)

like the overall style tho, and it's nice to see ppl still use just ID textures!

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Mj unregistered
#1   08 Jul 2002
Thx for the review.I will try to improve game play next time....:)
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