Dystopia by EraSerX
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FragTastic Rep. 1502
#7   06 Jul 2012
I like the texture of the slime/toxin, it looks really cool. Like Aeon said, the map feels cramped up and doesn't have enough space to run about. If it was a lot bigger, I would of given it a 8 but sadly it's not so it's going to be a 7/10.
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AEon Rep. 671
#6   21 Sep 2009
Kinda sad to see so much creative energy spent on a too cramped and condensed map. A pity, because if you turned it into a FFA map - at least twice as large - you would have a very beautiful map that also plays well, and the FPS would go up as well. As it is your, ground level is overstuffed, the bots have serious trouble navigating the map, and so does the player IMO. JPs that are not angles add to the confusion, forcing the player to guess were he/she will be tossed. I wonder if it's just me getting old, meaning that the younger players out there may actually be enjoying the more frantic maps.

Map has huge potential for a larger remake, since the Gothic / tech is actually quite neat.

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Mark unregistered
#5   16 Jul 2008
The author liked Cardigan's scorpion tail so much he included it here, but its just for show, if you can make it out in the clutter of the map. There is ammo in the surrounding corridors but none that you want so you wont want to go there. 1 bouncepad lands you straight back to where you jumped from, another shoots you straight past the MH if you dont land and hold it dead on centre. Poor connectivity, poorly used bouncepads, awkward to get around.
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VisionThing unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2002
A little slow with the response there, unlikely many ppl will read it now.
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EraSerX unregistered
#3   26 Jun 2002
I actually did a full vis compile...
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Myth unregistered
#2   30 Apr 2002
Downloaded it coz it looked interesting from the screenshot. There's some really nice looking bits, and some good useage of curves.

I was a bit confused that the slime looking floor wasn't actualy slime though :-/

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GuitarMan unregistered
#1   26 Apr 2002
Why did you release a map with only a fast vis compile? It's not a complaint, I'm just curious.
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