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Gridlocked by Dave Schwan & Max Fiordalisi
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Jonah O'Syrus Rep. 369
#6   01 May 2016
I am getting a "Training Room/Paintball Arena" vibe from this map.
(NOT a critique, just an observation)
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1980
#5   17 Jul 2012
This one's alright. Depending on what mod you play.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#4   26 Apr 2002
Thx for the tip but I did know that already :p. I'm not saying you can't have a mess around on the map as it is fun (without the inverted commas) for instgib but for vq3 it takes too long to run the items and a lot of the tactics are removed from the game as a result of this. Also the problem lies more with the large ammounts of open space with nothing in it making rail shots too easy (even if someone is flying towards you at 60 miles an hour you still have 59 minutes before you have to start worrying :p). Anyways the map shows some potential, looking forward to future releases :).
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Dave Schwan unregistered
#3   25 Apr 2002
After reading even two comments, I realize my map is too big. One thing that might help, is a way to get around faster. When you jump of a jump pad, hold down the jump button while in the air... when you hit the ground, you will automatically jump again...then while in the air press and hold the jump again... you can do this until you hit a wall. This will shoot you across the map in no time. Maybe everyone already knew that, but I just learned it before this map. I realize it doesn't fix the gigantic size, but it is something fun to mess around with when you are trying to shoot at somone who seems to be flying at you at 60 miles an hour. :)
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#2   25 Apr 2002
Yeah, was just my con being shite I think as it worked fine today. When the review said most of the time strafe jumping I thought "trick jumps", sadly most of the time is spent getting from one place to another which I now realise was what the strafe jumps bit was about. The map had it's good points, railgun in the middle so you could fight over it is an intersting idea. Item placement was not bad if the map was halved in size (maybe more) and there are many ways to and from the flag. I also thought the jump pad up to the bfg bit which you could use to get on the towers (or maybe get the bfg with good fps but not on my cpu) was quite fun. The single greatest problem is that the map is huge and it takes years to get from one place to another (not to mention getting railed and machinegunned to death on the way :-/). This factor alone makes the map pretty much unplayable, I don't mind open maps in general (as in I don't dislike them on principle) but this is stupidly large. I'm not going to rate it as the map would have been much more playable if it was scaled down and it seems unfair to rate it as it's kinda more of a learning experience than anything else. Not a bad first effort but just too big to play.
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Dave Schwan unregistered
#1   23 Apr 2002
I know...I ranked my own level....didn't want to...but I didn't know how to write a message without ranking it. Just wanted to ask a favor of anyone who downloads our level. This is my first attempt, and I'm very interested in hearing any suggestions or comments. What works? What doesn't work? Why? I'd really appreciate any comments. Thanks.

Little Spooge

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