- File Information
3 - 2 - 2002

Title : Gridlocked
Filename : gridlocked.pk3
Level Design: Dave Schwan and Max Fiordalisi
Level Creator: Dave Schwan

Email Address : **email removed** or **email removed**
Web Site : www.daveschwan.com (soon to have a dedicated quake site)

Installation :
Unzip and place gridlocked.pk3 in your
Quake3 -> baseq3
The map should now be accessible in the Multiplayer menu or by typing:

\map dantesca

after hitting the ~ key

Play Information ---------------------------------------------------------------

Description : This is our first level ever made. It does not have the worlds best texturing,
nor does it have the worlds best modeling. But I've been a firm believer that although the
looks help, it's all about the play! Gridlocked is a great level for anywhere from 1 vs 1 to
an all out 15 player freeforall. Capture the flag is also included, for a change from some of
the other slower pased ctf games. Hope you like it, and hope to hear some feedback for future
levels! Also, be on the lookout for "Drogas", our next level in the making. It's a must have
for people tired of the "same-ole" levels.
Because of the size of the level, bots are terrible. I included it anyway, however,
because it's always fun to go on shooting rampages!

Player Base : Free-For-All, CTF, Team
Number of Players : 3 or more
Best Player Load :4-6
New textures : nope...not into that yet

by Dave and Max productions


Base : New level from scratch (thanks to GTK RADIANT!)
Construction Time : Who knows how long...it was a learning process the whole way!
Compile time: a while

Credits ----------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

Um...yeah...not that many people were in on this

Thanks also to Tonya for putting up with my long nights away working on the level! :)

Thank you Id!
Thanks to all the programs used!

Copyright / Permissions---------------------------------------------------------

Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels
without previous permission from Dave Schwan
(**email removed**)

You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any
electronic means, provided you leave the contents unaltered and
include this text file, also unaltered. This file may not
be commercially exploited in any way.