Space Factory Battleground
Space Factory Battleground by GregQ & Andy-S
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pjw unregistered
#8   13 Mar 2002
FFS, people.

Read. Comprehend. Post.

The sequence is not difficult.

"More appropriate use of textures and shaders to improve gameplay" == "Don't make large see-though pylons everywhere that use the grate texture, but make that shader solid to weapons fire so you can't shoot through them."

I tend to think they should be shoot through as well, but it's arguable, since you can't differentiate by weapon (e.g. if an MG can shoot through, so can a RL). Either way, it has a huge effect on gameplay and it's a shader, so please get over it and quit making silly blanket statements.

The things I like most about the map:

lots of over/under and vertical

nice use of visuals and lighting (although spots are a bit dark)

some interesting geometry and detail touches

The things I don't like:

lots of dead ends/poor flow

teleporter that pops you out on an edge so that you immediately plummet into the void if you have any forward momentum

pool of water around the statue that you can fall down into and get stuck and sit there forever waiting for someone to kill you

some iffy construction on the curved sections of wall above the RA, there are visible cracks in-game that allow you to see through the wall--perhaps this is the "see-through wall" mentioned above?

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Lavaman unregistered
#7   13 Mar 2002
Yeh pure thats fair enough but comments like " More appropriate use of textures and shaders to improve game play " ROFL , u cant defend stuff like that. Any one with a clue knows he talking rubbish.

I think the map deserved to get

a decent review, not one that was just made stuff up.

The maps design was good, the texture and placement was flawed

Too many silly pipes with badly fitted textures. I seen no transparent walls, but i did get stuck behind the statue and couldnt get out.So there you have it.I agree with sat on one thing, this should have been beta tested

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GregQ unregistered
#6   13 Mar 2002
ehhh ... I don't understand ... Does anybody seen "transparent walls" here ( in the map ) ??? There no hidden walls in the map ... That's just insulted me ...
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#5   12 Mar 2002
I had peeked at this level a while ago.

The review may not jive with you, but the final judgement and the position it holds in the update is very reasonable.

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Lavaman unregistered
#4   12 Mar 2002
Right on W4X, i totally agree.Sastrugi is talking absolute rubbish and i quote " More appropriate use of textures and shaders to improve game play " What in hell are you talking about??? textures and shaders dont improve gameplay.Stop giving maps bad reiviews with no justification or just because you dont like them, thats your opinion.
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W4XOR unregistered
#3   12 Mar 2002
What we must remember is LvL is full of opinions, not the truth, not constructive critisism but opinions.I think sastrugi was far too hard on this level.Some textures looked out of place and i found at lest one major bug in the map but it wasnt as bad as sastrugi made out. Infact this map is pretty good .There are too many ppl at LVL that form opinions without any thought

If you keep taking ppl's opnions on board when making a map, the map isnt yours any more

Fk what ppl say.I think theres a big hint of jealousy sometimes with these things and this map was given an unfair review

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pjw unregistered
#2   11 Mar 2002
nanoSpawn: huh? Yeah, in most cases any changes to gameplay caused by texturing are going to be fairly subtle (e.g. certain things showing up better, etc.), but something being see-though and shoot-through vs. see-through and solid to weapons fire has a big effect on gameplay.
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#1   11 Mar 2002
"More appropriate use of textures and shaders to improve game play "

Uhm... textures and shaders doesnt help at all to improve gameplay, unless they ruin it due to excess...

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