Empty Voice of Despair
Empty Voice of Despair by ButterB
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Grudge unregistered
#6   05 Mar 2002
The name is certainly fitting - the atmosphere makes it feel very empty and abandoned. To run around without any bots or other players is quite cool, because of the creepy atmosphere.

It sure feels a little large. If there were a few more weapons around, and a little more health and another armour it would probably be a great 6-8 player map IMO. But it's still quite nice.

// Grudge

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ButterB unregistered
#5   05 Mar 2002
Great comments Guys! Thx for the support. The overall scale was a bit larger than I wanted, but I went with it. If I could make one change, it would be there. Yeah that trick jump that pjw states was a unplanned bonus so kindly pointed out to me in betas from pjw himself! Thx !


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cyBeAr unregistered
#4   05 Mar 2002
Very promising map. Visuals aren't too hot but it looks very solid.

Scale gets a bit large in the main area, the side bits could have been smaller (imo) but still feels right for q3.

Boring with one bot, more fun as small ffa.

I think this map shows more promise than most of the maps here at lvl.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2002
lol, nice comment pjw. Wow, i like maps with cool jumps to make, specially when you can make em with vq3, so ill download this one right now!
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pjw unregistered
#2   04 Mar 2002
I like this map quite a bit. Yeah, it's slightly bland looking, but really nice feel and flow to the gameplay.

One thing to realize: the mega is pretty easy to get in vanilla Q3, once you realize that you can just simply run off the edge of the floor above and land right on it. :) (And if I really wanted to be nitpicky . . . ah, what the heck . . . you don't need a framerate-based jump to get it from ground level either--you can jump from the raised jumppad trim to the nearby crate to the other crate, then walk around the edge to get the mega.

Kill me now, I obviously have no life.

8 from me.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   04 Mar 2002
Perfectly nice and someone bland looking tourney level. The looks won't inspire you, but gameplay flows quite well and weapon placement is fairly thought out. As an FFA it played nice and fast, though I agree defensive items are lacking for tourney (hey - I don't like tourney anyways :-p). My main comment on the review would be the insinuation that

(a) Talented people do not strategize

(b) The ability to use strategy effectively is not a talent, but that would be nit picking ;-)

8 out of 10 from me.


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