Winter Games
Winter Games by Comic Relief
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raspatan Rep. 4451
#20   28 Nov 2020
Well achieved setting. Could be bigger, with more jumps, which is the coolest bit of it. You could imagine a superfun RG and RL based fight with people ski-jumping in the air. A real missed opportunity here. As it it, it lacks gameplay.
Edited 3.2 hours after the original posting.
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bepisman Rep. 138
#19   17 Feb 2020
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CleanedUp Rep. 92
#18   30 Dec 2013
The sliding on the ice was annoying at first but it only got better as i realised what I thought was background detail was actually reachable! And I finally found the rail gun! -haha those jumps are insane.
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Zod Rep. 182
#17   09 Nov 2013
Hohoho! I've already played it and it was SUPERFUNNY!!
100% recommended!
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Kyall Rep. 407
#16   11 Mar 2012
This map was pretty fun. I like snow-based maps. There were some pretty good ideas on this map. The textures were awesome. The skybox matched the layout of the map. Good fun with bots or humans. 9.5/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#15   05 Jan 2012
Olympic based map :). I like it.
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fKd Rep. 380
#14   02 Sep 2009
heh, looks interesting
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LUYT unregistered
#13   10 Apr 2002
We use the Wintergames map on our clan server and it is great fun to play. Getting the railgun is essential - victims on the snow are easy to target.

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^Laguna77 unregistered
#12   02 Mar 2002
Lmao sweet level im gonna be playing this for a long time!
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GuitarMan unregistered
#11   01 Mar 2002
I like it. It's a bit hard to play, but very funny.
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Electro unregistered
#10   27 Feb 2002
now all we need is a mod so we can ski downhill...

and a rink so i can win gold like Steven Bradbury.. hehe

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Comic Relief unregistered
#9   26 Feb 2002
[p][p]ZeRo[p][p]: Nope, not first map. I've done just a few others. Check out Casablanca. I try to make maps that are different from the standard Id maps. I figure they're the masters at that style. Glad to see most people seem to like the change.
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[p][p]ZeRo[p][p] unregistered
#8   26 Feb 2002
forgot hi Octovus and is this your first map i dunno where i got that from
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[p][p]ZeRo[p][p] unregistered
#7   26 Feb 2002
Hoydie well good and v good layout foy your first map :) anyway urm.....not for me but it was fun to play its not your normal 'deathmatch' style map but it will stay on mine for my LAN this 8/10
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OverKill unregistered
#6   26 Feb 2002
great idea this map is heaps of fun Comic Relief you have some very good idea's going here man the map is very well put together aswell nice work keep em coming dude 9 out of 10 for me.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#5   25 Feb 2002
"What perfect timing to have this map then after the Olympics. This map was both unique in design and just a heck of a lot of fun to play. Keep up the good work with these entertaining levels Comic Relief!"

Simple; the map didn't find its way to the map queue quickly enough.

Have fun; we aren't that late. =P

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Sam Oht unregistered
#4   25 Feb 2002
Very imaginative. Great game play. I would highly recommend trying it out.
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Octovus unregistered
#3   25 Feb 2002
Luge shoot = very cool idea. Now we need one of those "mario slide" style maps (I am thinking of Mario64; please feel free to tell me what game that idea was ripped from) with a twisty, slippery slide and wrong place on other side. The only spawn is up top. Could be fun :-) Though, how did this review end up on top of the Gloom one? Usually they are ranked by how good they "are".


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Moa'Dib unregistered
#2   25 Feb 2002
This map is fun to play and has a lot of features that you would not see in a regular quake map. It is a great game for those who show a preference for the rail gun. Casablanca, Winter Games... What's next?
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TacoWagon unregistered
#1   25 Feb 2002
What perfect timing to have this map then after the Olympics. This map was both unique in design and just a heck of a lot of fun to play. Keep up the good work with these entertaining levels Comic Relief!
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