PQ Arena
PQ Arena by BugBear
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#84   10 Jan 2012
I love the water effects :).
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#83   23 Jul 2006
This map is incredible. Still on my hard-drive.
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yinyang_34 unregistered
#82   27 Aug 2003
Great map, enjoy playing on it alot and it looks awesome.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#81   27 Jul 2002
Nice map. FLuent/fast gameplay, fine looks.
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BiffMasta unregistered
#80   25 Feb 2001
Nice and Juicy! A definite recommendation. Now, if someone would get the REAL version of Q3A so this way we can play... heh (friends)
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KivJR unregistered
#79   02 Aug 2000
Kiv-I am is a good Players in Quake2-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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not entered unregistered
#78   28 Jul 2000
Too flat. If it wore a bra it would be an A cup. :)
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#77   22 Jul 2000
I dont really care for the music track you chose for this map. Thats more for a hellish map like q3tourney3. I would have used sonic3.wav. No other map uses that track (as far as i know). It is the best track in Quake 3 i find, and this map is perfect for it.
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Kennster unregistered
#76   13 May 2000
Would really have been nice to use shaders to give the textures some animation or shine qualities. Other than that, we usually play it with 10-12 players every friday and saturday night!
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#75   09 May 2000
This map is absolutely fantastic, the layout is superb and the gameplay is awesome. The appearance is very good, but would love to see it updated with a custom blue sky, and new bounce pads, I think these minor changes would increase it's aesthetic appeal.

I am eagerly awaiting your future releases.

Score: 10

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not entered unregistered
#74   10 Apr 2000
very good
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ogre2112 unregistered
#73   02 Apr 2000
This map is a MUST download. It rules! A change from the gothic, dark, gloomy maps.
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bada unregistered
#72   30 Mar 2000
The current best
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Zero unregistered
#71   23 Mar 2000
This map rocks. Really good for 2:2 and 1:1. IMHO a must-have map.
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BoypiXie unregistered
#70   21 Mar 2000
great map, love it to bits... possibly better than the id maps??? hmmm...
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Magus[D.C.] unregistered
#69   14 Mar 2000
Bugbear, didn't you do a map for Q3Test also? I know for sure i saw a map by a guy named BugBear and was wondering if it was you?
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P.M.Bagpuss[PuF] unregistered
#68   14 Mar 2000
Damn fine
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jimilla unregistered
#67   06 Mar 2000
I just played this map at a LAN party. It was a freakin' blast, and a very nice change from the gothic theme.

Great job, a lot of fun with the rail gun!

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IsmiteU unregistered
#66   01 Mar 2000
I must say I'm very impressed. When I envisioned Q3 custom maps this is what I had in mind. Creative, Fun, and fast pace this map will sure to be a 1st rotation map on any Q3 custom serve. Congradulations on your work.
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Karma unregistered
#65   01 Mar 2000
Hi BugBear, just thought I'd drop by and give my regards :)
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#64   01 Mar 2000
wheelgun - i didn't make this map, BugBear did :]
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God_Tai unregistered
#63   24 Feb 2000
This map is awsome!!! The layout is great and the weapon placement was all in the right places. I especially liked the courtyard outside. Great job on the map BugBear!!
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Grunt unregistered
#62   23 Feb 2000
I can't believe this is your first map. It's awesome. But as wheelgun said a few shader bits are missing. I played this with 6 bots and it was totally gib. I gave this map 10(!) because it's his first map. Hope you will come up with a new map soon, even better maybe??? Dunno! Well, that was what I wanted to say... cya!

The Swedish Grunt

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#61   23 Feb 2000
This map is excellent, and all mappers should learn from it. Everything from the perfect flow, to the seamless connectivity. Play it with many Hardcore bots and a high frag limit - this one's a keeper.
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wheelgun unregistered
#60   21 Feb 2000
It's a nice map, but Q3A said a few shader bits are missing in the console log. Tigger-oN might want to brush up on his technical know-how, but his design skills are pretty good. Or is it just my whacked out copy of Q3A causing the shader error? ;P

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wheelgun unregistered
#59   21 Feb 2000
It's a nice map, but Q3A said a few shader bits are missing in the console log. Tigger-oN might want to brush up on his technical know-how, but his design skills are pretty good. Or is it just my whacked out copy of Q3A causing the shader error? ;P

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subbie unregistered
#58   21 Feb 2000
some of the textures not alined and in the pool where the powershield, if you are underwater there and agianst the wall and go strait up you run into a wall brush and you can drown if you dont move away from that brush, I would suggest a clip right there.
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Cyclic unregistered
#57   20 Feb 2000
Excellent first release. Good game flow but it did get a little boring after playin for a while 3-5 players.
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not entered unregistered
#56   20 Feb 2000
U need to use q3radiant

get it at www.qeradiant.com

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Liquidator unregistered
#55   20 Feb 2000
hey cool map, looks nice, good build...i just wanted to know how to make these maps? i know for HL you can make em with worldcraft...but what about Q3?
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Comp625 unregistered
#54   20 Feb 2000
Omg, this is a phat map! It stands out from other user-created maps AND this is definitly better than most of those gothic/space maps they got in the retail box. Man, its amazing! Nice water btw, congrats to bugbear!
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zig unregistered
#53   20 Feb 2000
I didn't really enjoy this map that much. Due to my slowass connection, I only play with bots, which is normally fine. But for some reason the bots like to hang around in just one spot in this map, and it gets boring fast. It's probably be a lot of fun with real people.
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Thingie unregistered
#52   20 Feb 2000
rAAh. No WAY this is a first release. It's just too good to come from a first-timer.

Anyway, congrats! Really really good map. Top of the line.

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Crusher unregistered
#51   20 Feb 2000
Awesome work!!! One of the best I have played so far!!!
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Apoch unregistered
#50   20 Feb 2000
This Map Owns JOO!
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Tensun unregistered
#49   20 Feb 2000
Woah someone gotta fix up these buggered links so i can play!

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Japan Race unregistered
#48   19 Feb 2000
Got to say its a good map and its differnt nto like most maps.

Got to say its one i have kept playing i love it just wish i could turn something out like that :)

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#47   19 Feb 2000
RA Bitch : Maybe you should try it with more players?
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RA Bitch unregistered
#46   19 Feb 2000
I don't understand the high marks for this map. I think it downright sucks. It is way to slow and way too big. Is anyone playing the same map I am?
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BIGal unregistered
#45   19 Feb 2000
this map is definately one of my favs, its kinda bright, yet erie, if that makes sence, so its got that right kinda feel to it. Also, there is plenty of space for rails and stuff, yet some neat little corners for diving in and out of, TOP MAP
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not entered unregistered
#44   19 Feb 2000
If anybody wants to know what a great map is, Play this one. Excellent texturing, design and a hell lot of fun.

The only thing I can't believe is that this is a first release

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#43   19 Feb 2000
Oh yeah, I noticed below that I put 'main area'... well there are really three or four main areas, I was just talking about the part with the megahealth and railgun. ;)
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#42   18 Feb 2000
Another map passes my insane tests for perfection.....this ones a keeper
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Scorpion unregistered
#41   18 Feb 2000
Well i was getting bored of always the same kind of levels till i saw this one. After downloading i have one question when will you make another level because if this is your first than we still have a lot to look forward to!!! I JUST LOVE THIS LEVEL i give it a 9 because the gameplay the effect the everything is beautiful please tell me when your next level will be out
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#40   18 Feb 2000
Yeah, this map is great. I half expected it to be a 'gimmick' map or something to promote PQ, but it's a really good arena. As for the number of people to populate it, i find it works well with 5. The main area is really dope when everyone happens to gather in there at once. HINT: don't fall in the water in the middle of a heated battle! ;)

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neko unregistered
#39   18 Feb 2000
okay, had a chance to play, and yeah i'm impressed :) the visuals are sweet, and gameplay is good, tho weapons might be a wee bit lacking.

something puzzles me tho. the map doesn't really seem to be all that big, but it's obvious that you need a good number of ppl to keep things moving. maybe i'm just on crack, i dunno.

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Dawgy unregistered
#38   18 Feb 2000
Friggin SWEET!!!
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neko unregistered
#37   18 Feb 2000
tigger: max compression .pk3's works fine on a mac; i just confirmed this with stuffit & zipit :)

tim: honestly, the religious wars are old. get over it already.

bugbear: i'll let you know once the map's finished d/l'ing ;)

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#36   18 Feb 2000
Macs suck...so what if they were the first...the pc was evolution...pc's are more popular...games suck ass on macs...graphics suck on macs and anyone who says they are superior are on crack{it's mostly your vid card anyway]...Oh,this map rocks!One of the best and more funner user maps so far for q3! great layout,design,texturing and all that great stuff!...Is anyone going to make a map that doesn't have the texturing look of q3???{tiled pool floor a start}
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BugBear unregistered
#35   17 Feb 2000
Well Lizardman, that 1 is really your map, i only helped ya out with detail
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[-St@$h-] unregistered
#34   17 Feb 2000
Under Windows98SE MAX compression works just fine. Only thing is that stuff loads slightly slower in game.

But hey! When you've got a 10,000rpm U2W SCSI HDD who cares?

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#33   17 Feb 2000
There are macs at work (G3's and G4's) the mouse sampling is cool, nothing as sweet as railing on a mac, but i do only use them to test levels.
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Quake3k unregistered
#32   17 Feb 2000
its good but it gets tireing fast
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AzAzEl ThE HoRnEy ZiMlOr unregistered
#31   17 Feb 2000
I love you all... if I could I would eat your intestines and lick your spleen, but cuz I can't I think I'll promote my quake clan... we are clan "wew@nn@doYRm@m@@||NghtLng" we are cool and you are not. You all suck...eat me.

O yeah..BTW the level is great... so is the site..


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Lizardman unregistered
#30   17 Feb 2000
I love this map. There were minor problems with weapon placement and number (needed another shotgun at least), and the teleporter could have been more defined in the water, but I am still playing this map constantly on the net.

If you liked this map, BugBear actually has another map on LvL. Go check out the Tourney Map List for "The Vault". It's a 2 player map, but GREAT for detail.

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Kancer unregistered
#29   17 Feb 2000
umm Tigger are you admitting to using a Mac? by choice or work? heh j/k I use them at work but only when the mac users need network assistance.
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RedFive unregistered
#28   17 Feb 2000
First release? Damn !!!! This thing rocks !!! If this is the first then I can barely imagine how killer the 10th will be !!! Great job :)
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RC unregistered
#27   17 Feb 2000
Cool! The visual innovations are a treat. But most importantly, it plays great.
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Bonger unregistered
#26   17 Feb 2000
very VERY nice map very good for 2 on 2's or just straight 4 player dm NICE WORK!
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BugBear unregistered
#25   17 Feb 2000
Thx for the important info


Im still learning a bunch

thx ya all ,for your great support =)

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Virtual Maniac [TRT] unregistered
#24   17 Feb 2000
Pretty tight map....Look forward for another release.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#23   17 Feb 2000
about the cracks - basically if the curves points or vertex joins don't match in the editor then it will not join on different geometry settings in the game. also the sky was placed flat on the top brushes, therefore creating a kind of shadow on the top of brushes, just have to raise the sky off a bit.

the pk3 can be a compressed zip, i have not tested full compressed zips on a mac, but i do know that normal compressed zips work fine.

there is not that much that i miss when i look at a map :]

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Saito Ishikawa unregistered
#22   17 Feb 2000
anyone have a good fast server to play this map on? i'm tired of beatin the crap outta bots!

look for me on the net and say hello.

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JibbaWho unregistered
#21   17 Feb 2000
Was reading about this one on PQ. Definetly a great piece of work (especially for a first attempt) I give it a 9. Well used textures and lighting ..... and ofcoarse.... love the kiddie pool. Sure to be a hit. KEEP M' COMIN BUGBEAR!

PS: ... look for my first attempt soon.

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Gooner28 unregistered
#20   17 Feb 2000
Excellent map, Love the industrial feel
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New Man unregistered
#19   17 Feb 2000
Good job !!!
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AssBall unregistered
#18   17 Feb 2000
This map is FUN AS HELL to play. With only four peoplke it was a constant bloody battle. Excellent map.
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Niptlar unregistered
#17   17 Feb 2000
The texturing is incredible. The two things I don't really care about with this map is that it takes a while to get around (like in Q3DM12, but not quite) and the extra emphasis on the Railgun. For a non-space map, there are a lot of times when I tell myself "hey, I should use the Railgun." There also seems to be (just) a little more ammo for the Railgun and Lightning gun than for the other weapons, giving me the impression that map is better for LAN play rather than Internet gaming (as far as HPBs are concerned). This is still a reasonbly great map.
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Peej unregistered
#16   17 Feb 2000
great map, excellent build quality, nice use of textures and architecture, just a shame about the rather bland layout. still a great map, i expect it'll be a big hit with TP players.
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#15   17 Feb 2000
Thats what i said, this is a FIRST release. Killer map in my book and does anyone have IP to planetquakes q3 server?
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#14   17 Feb 2000
A pretty awesome 1st release.

Only problem I had was the unpredictability of the jumppads.

Unless you'd jumped on them before, you couldn't tell where it was going to take you by looking at it.

Other than that, pretty cool.

Looks like the "veteran mappers" are going to have to start working harder, because the "1st timers" are coming.

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Octovus unregistered
#13   17 Feb 2000
This is a FIRST RELEASE! You gotta be kidding me! This is definitely one of my top five custom maps, if not one of my top three (which it probably will be once I play it more). It felt like something ID shoulda made but didn't... loved the swimming pool effect. And for those of you who think ID did a botchy job well then it reminds me of Addict. And for those of you who dont't like either... who the hell are you?

Really great, even if it weren't a first release. Plz, plz, plz make more! Wish it woulda made map week.. coulda gotten it sooner. Well I'm rambling. 9 outa ten, mayb 8 but come on its a first release.

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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than unregistered
#12   17 Feb 2000
the cracks you sometimes get in q3 are attributed mainly to having different geometric detail settings - at least that's what I have found anyway. I'm probably wrong. The map looks nice but I haven't checked it out yet btw :)


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Sundown unregistered
#11   17 Feb 2000
One of my new favs. Rocket battles in the kiddie pool is da best! Calls forth a variety of skills since the map promotes different kinds of fighting. Rock 'em Sock 'em robots--I'm hooked!
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Kancer unregistered
#10   17 Feb 2000
Real fun map! This guy is damn good and this is his first map? Whoop!

This is a must download!

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JexJackL unregistered
#9   17 Feb 2000
Laugh...it still kicks ass!
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BugBear unregistered
#8   17 Feb 2000

U can D/L it here it u cant get through Fileplanet


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Anxious unregistered
#7   17 Feb 2000
I would really like to d/l this map but cdrom.com is not letting me. Is there another link somewhere to d/l this map? Thnx
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[69]Link unregistered
#6   17 Feb 2000
I really like the pool, and the metallic effect in 100h bouncepad hole is just marvellous.

I'd love to see BugBear to be one of the RA3 mappers.

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BugBear unregistered
#5   17 Feb 2000
OK,first of thx for a nice review, =)

Well im gonna make sure thuse small bugs wont be in my next map, But im also gonna use more time on the next 1 one.

3 weeks are a little short time to get everything right, (no excuse )

However about the pk3 not beeing compresses, can i do that and still get things working?

And last but not least, i want to thank Pappy-R

for helping me out with the gameplay, it made the hole thing the little extra =)

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smeghead unregistered
#4   17 Feb 2000
Cool. If it isn't gothic it already starts to look good in my book.

I have noticed that sometimes some people will see problems(curves w/cracks and other various annoyances)on one machine, while the other machine will be fine. I don't know if this is just a video card/settings deal or if the people I am dealing with are smoking crack along with myself.

Cool map!

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[ac]Kevl4R unregistered
#3   17 Feb 2000
We put PQARENA in our server rotation last night and it was a huge success! The gameplay was fast and furious and our server was full for quite a while. I have to agree that the tilework in the waterpools is fantastic. So far this map and KAOS have been the best user maps released.
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Saito "Sauce" Ishikawa unregistered
#2   17 Feb 2000
hey i love the map and am looking foward to playing agains the pq team. =)
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Pappy-R unregistered
#1   17 Feb 2000
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. We went over that level so many times and I never saw those errors. On the brighter side, you'll never see them during battle. This still calls for a "DOH!"
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