Place of Two Deaths
Place of Two Deaths by Mike Zuber
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#12   01 Jul 2013
This map would have been okay...if it showed up on the map menu. I really dislike needing to to type the map name in console mainly because unless I write it down somewhere, I will forget the name. Also I might not remember that I even have the map after a while, so .arena files are important.
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Lost Sister unregistered
#11   20 Feb 2000
Ok Red Five, if and when you ever build yours, I will bring sunglasses.
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Tensun unregistered
#10   20 Feb 2000
oh i thought the original was fun
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Tensun unregistered
#9   20 Feb 2000
hear i hear people saying NOBODY enjoyed this map in quake.
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RedFive unregistered
#8   19 Feb 2000
Yes, this thing is very dark. Can someone bring me a flash-light?
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#7   19 Feb 2000
I don't like this map really
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Brother Phthora unregistered
#6   18 Feb 2000
If you're looking for other reviews of this map... (it's on the Q3 side)

In terms of it being dark, I'm not sure that it's anything to worry too much about. The attempt was to be faithful to the original, right? And the original wasn't exactly lit up like an amusement park. Don't sweat it too much, Zuber. What people are commenting about is little more than a faithful aspect of the conversion.

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Mike Zuber unregistered
#5   18 Feb 2000
A lot of people have been making comments about the level being really dark. I, for one, didn't really know what people are talking about since it looked bright enought to me (except in certain spots).

After reading oDD's review (thanks for the plug, oDD!) and seeing his screenshots, my jaw hit the floor - I couldn't believe how dark it came out! It certainly doesn't look that dark on my machine. Should I develop with in-game gamma set to "0"? Any tips people might have for consistant looks on multiple machines will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Zuber

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oDD unregistered
#4   17 Feb 2000
Here is a review of this map I did a long time ago, when it was released..

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Mike Zuber unregistered
#3   17 Feb 2000
Hey people,

I'm glad to see that it made it on this website. As far as the review is concerned - well, I couldn't agree more! I never thought the original was so hot either but when I set out to convert this map (which was my first) I wanted to be as faithful as possible (hence the bland texturing).

Believe it or not, I attempted to account for the different physics in Q3, but appearently not enough!

The question of what to replace the nailgun with kept me up at night, just so you all know it's not something I glossed over :op To confirm Brother

Phthora's suspicion - yes, the Nailgun was removed since you already carried a machinegun (good call!) Personally, I felt the Plasmagun was NOT a good replacement because I feel that it's more equivalent to the Supernailgun.

Also, I did use -bsp2map as a base for this level.

The review was pretty much what I expected. I look forward for my other maps/conversions to be reviewed here. (I can't wait to see what people think of those!)


Mike Zuber

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Raven unregistered
#2   17 Feb 2000
Not as good to play as the original, but then I guess this is a different game. Just doesn't seem to have made the crossover all that well to me
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Brother Phthora unregistered
#1   17 Feb 2000
Apparently I enjoyed this map more than you did. I think it's one of the few conversion maps I've seen where the difference in gameplay/physics was taken into consideration when the level was reconstructed. Yes there are mistakes, but it's well constructed and holds true to the original feeling of the Q1 version. Admittedly nobody liked the feeling of this map in Q1 (for obvious reasons you mentioned), so for people to enjoy the Q3 version will probably be even more difficult. The GL isn't the same as it was in Q1, and I personally believe the nailgun has been removed since you already carry a machinegun.

Difficut to love, yes. Well built and constructed, most definitely.

Brother Phthora

The Brotherhood

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