Lightning Duel
Lightning Duel by Shadow
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>CAIN^ unregistered
#5   22 Feb 2000
Nice first effort Shadow...Dont even concern yourself with that pile, Timothy! When u put a map out there (no matter how good it is) u are going to draw out idiots like that .... keep mappin my man
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Tensun unregistered
#4   20 Feb 2000
lightning gun rocks

hey hey

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Shadow unregistered
#3   19 Feb 2000
Well fuck you Timothy!!!!!!, If ya don't like... say so like a normal mature human being. No need to be so fucking offensive man. This is my first map... and was more of learning experience for me... hey and some people like box maps. I actually got a request from someone else who who wanted a RL version of it.

Conclusion...., your entitles to your opinion... but be nice about it man. Jeeeeez!.

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#2   19 Feb 2000
This map is a waste of "valuable"time,hd space and all around's a piece of sh#t and should be treated as a piece of sh#tty sh#t sh#t!Thank u,and have a wonderful day!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#1   17 Feb 2000
The file has just been uploaded, plz allow an hour from the time of this post. I think the one hour window is better than not knowing when the server will go down.

sorry guys, but i think this could be better in the long run

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