inkadm by Patrik Bruckner
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#8   19 Feb 2000
Well I really don't care for Peejs' maps and they are overhyped...people have no room to make fun of this map since it was inspired by Peej...I think people are all under suggestion when it comes to his maps,then everyone get's meme-like and sees things not how "they" see them ,but rather how others percieve them to dumb terms,this map is the equivelant of Peejs' original only a tad bit better.Patrik can't help that he admires dull things!
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Deadstar unregistered
#7   18 Feb 2000
I'm pretty sure Peej would've been happier if it wasn't pointed out that the remake was inspired by one of his maps.

It must be a little flattering as well as being embarressing at the same time.


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mandog unregistered
#6   18 Feb 2000
conversions are a good way to learn a new editing tool, even get a feel for what makes a good level but really as a release i reckon yr playing it too safe, and piggy backing on someone else's work - not necessarily a bad thing but way uncool if you don't acknowledge the original. <p />Conversions are much more likely to sink without a trace than a solidly built, original map.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   18 Feb 2000
The reason it plays well is because the layout is Peej's
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Creeker unregistered
#4   17 Feb 2000
This map is not all that bad actually. I can't say I have played the original so that is probably why it doesn't bother me as much as the rest of you.

It would be very good Rocket Arena Q3 map.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   17 Feb 2000
I'm unsure about this unauthoized remakes of maps and if they should be reviewed or not. I can see exactly what you are saying seth, but the author states it is a remake (of strafin3, but didn't know who the author was).
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seth unregistered
#2   17 Feb 2000
also if this map is not supported by peej then in my opinion it shouldnt b here at all... makin crap maps of ur own is bad enuf, but taking a respected authors work, and makin a crap map out of that, without the authors permission is unacceptable....
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kingmob unregistered
#1   16 Feb 2000
please make a bit of a rating system or something. leaking maps is one thing, but maps that just so simply suck should be banned also. it's great your posting everyone's level, but it should be build well. not a test map which should never have been released.

i never released any of my q1 maps, but they didn't leak. i could see for myself that the gameplay would be boring.

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