Place of Two Deaths
Date: 29.December.1999 (rev 1.0)
----- 01.Febuary.2000 (rev 1.1)


Simple - unzip the .zip file to wherever your /baseq3 folder is.
Enter the game.
Pull down the console and type "map q3q1dm1"
Start fragging!

Title : q1dm1 - Place of Two Deaths
Filename : q3q1dm1.pk3
Author : Mike Zuber (remake) & Tim Willits (original)
Email Address : **email removed**
Additional Credits to : Mike Hanlon (sdscENVY)
and props to my peepz in the SDSC Crew
Darren Blum (for serving this file and
letting me leech off of his cable modem!)
# Recommended Players : 2 to 6
# of Spawn points : 5

Gameplay Specifics:
While bots *will* run around and pick items up, there are two issues to note:
1) They will not use the teleporter (dunno why)
2) They will not shoot the secret door in order to get the MegaHealth (dunno why)


1)Added an .arena file so the map shows up in the in-game map-selection menu
2)There was a wall that you could walk through - it has been fixed

Base : dm1 (from Quake1)
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant 1.0 Build 181
Build time : 40 hours
Compile time : 5 minutes

I tried to update the map to current aesthetic standards by using curved surfaces, etc. You won't find any fancy texturing - I pretty much tried to stay faithful to the original in that area.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Go ahead and play this online, distribute it, etc. DO NOT SELL IT OR DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM THAT GENERATES REVENUE.