PQ Arena
Title : PQ Arena
PK3 Name : PQarena.pk3
Date : 12th Feb 2000
Author : "BugBear" Per E Andersen
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : none yet
Build time : 3 weeks
Botsupport :Yes
CTFsupport :no

Map Info : Well this is my first Real map for any game.
Im pretty pleased with the map. Sure alot of things could be done
better, but im still learning..
This is a Medium sized map. Should be good for up to 8 players

I originally designed and dedicated this level for the PlanetQuake crew
to say thanks for the Map Week event they held. It was a bit late,
but I hope they still wanna kick some butt on it.

Special Thanks goes to :
Pappy-R - Planetquake for Gameplay issues and balance

Hope ya all like this little creation!

* Legal Biz *

This Level may be distributed freely by electronic means (internet and BBS)
as long as this txt file remains attached and unchanged.
Further distribution by CD or other media only with express consent of the author.