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Space War
================================================================ Title : Space War Date : 01/29/00 Time : 02.54 am Filename : sw.pk3 Author : <<MiLeS>> Email Address : **email removed** UIN : 23502425 Description : A small space map. Four platforms with railguns on, a quad and a BFG10 in the middle + some other weapons. There are also some cool jumps & teleporters =) Installation : Just put sw.pk3 in baseq3. Now you have two options. *Bring down the console and type "/map sw" *Go to skirmish and select the map, add/remove your bots, change skill/time/frag-limit, and run =) (This will only work if you have version 1.15c or higher) ================================================================ - Play Information - Players : Well, I think 2-4, but it's a good 1on1 map =) Bots : Yeeessss! Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Plasma Gun, Super Shotgun, BFG10, Grenade Launcher Armor : Yellow Armor, Shards Items : Mega-Health, Quad Damage, Invisibility, Regeneration - Construction - Editor used : Q3Radiant, simply the best! Known Bugs : Well, no one that I know...yet =) Build Time : Aprox 7-8 hours Compile machine : Pentium III 550 Mhz, 128 Mb SDRAM, 8 Mb TNT, Win 98 Bsp_FullVis : Aprox 15 min Bsp2Aas : 9 sec =) Brushes : 134 Entities : 213 Other : Quake III Arena V 1.15c ================================================================ - Info - This is the first map that I've made, so I hope that you liked it. I don't think it turned out soooo damn good, but it have to do. I hope that there will be more maps in the future. If you liked the map, send me a mail...if you want =) - Greetings - * I wanna thank "ID" for making the best game in the world, THANK YOU!!! * And then I wanna thank "LvL" for the best q3 map site on the net! * And at last, thanks to "jolt cola" for keep me awake all the night ;) Copyright <<MiLeS>> 2000
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