MR Fry's Revenge
MR Fry's Revenge by BIGFooT_47
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andora unregistered
#2   01 May 2003
i liked it..good for 3v3..
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Octovus unregistered
#1   17 Jan 2002
I was just as un-impressed with this level as I was impressed with q3hjdm1. This time Bigfoot ends up with something that looks half decent - in fact, it looks quite nice, if only not for the very central quad spawn point and it's immediate surroundings. The spiral staircase in particular is well done - a product, I imagine, of the tutorials written in the readme :-) (Er, to clarify, I'm not saying it's stolen from somewhere or anything. Just how he got good at it). The gameplay is really too simple. It boils down to a few rooms that don't have much interest. RG sniping can be good, but you're dead if a good PG or RL person comes in. There are both not enough and too many ways up to the top; as it stands, there's just not enough reason to go up there. Making it the exclusive place for an RL might have helped flow, but that would obviously encourage camping. It's kind of sad to see a step backwards from the author; if he could combine the looks of this map )or better( with the gameplay of his first, he'd have something big on his hands! 6 from me.


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