Hurt so good
Hurt so good by BIGFooT_47
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Octovus unregistered
#1   17 Jan 2002
Isn't Lvl's practice to put the best maps at the top of the current set of reviews? And if so, why is this at the bototm and Japanese Gardens (whose bottom line was to get it only if you're building UT maps) up at the top?

Anyways, this gets a 9 from me. The author demonstrates an understanding of gameplay and fun. The place can be a bit cramped, but it's not designed for too many players. I tried a 5 fragger match and the bots were fine. They ocassionally became fixated with the RL room, but that wore off once the powerups started spawning. It was too easy to grab the battlesuit and then the quad, but in a real match the two would quickly get off-set (spawn timing wise) and that wouldn't matter. The fog room and the haste room both offered a little too few reasons to go in there when the powerups weren't spawned. But the looks aren't so horrible apart from the obvious caulking problem and for some bits in the RL/BS room. Definitely download it and give it a go. This really makes me wonder about the looks bias (read Geit's article about it if you haven't!)


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