Hurt so good
Hurt so good by BIGFooT_47

Refreshingly simple, this map is a return to the fast and furious roots of the game. Something of a contradiction Henrik manages to get the important things right but slips on some basics. Could be the start of a true master or is he just lucky when he gets it right? Little things in the level hint at a keen eye for game play - item placements, the cute little tunnel/shortcut to the Quad, multiple points of confrontation (hard to pull off properly), and the armour shard 180 (very cute).

Other issues can overshadow these points - misaligned textures, basic layout, the oversimplification of some of the rooms, the questionable trim. All together its a worthwhile level that conveys a feeling of lightness and fun. Bots played fine, even camping by the Rail Gun, but seemed too intent on the Quad at times.

Download now and forget the looks.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (8 votes)

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