Evil Machina
Evil Machina by Flava Clown
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Flava Clown unregistered
#5   23 Jan 2002
yes! i made 2, to give everyone the chance to open the trap ;-)

open it and jump in, it's nice to die in the blue fog. i can't remember but i think u can open the trap if u shoot the buttons.

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Octovus unregistered
#4   22 Jan 2002
Yup I understand perfectly. But do the two different buttons both do the same thing?
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Flava Clown unregistered
#3   19 Jan 2002
oops i mean the tunnel from lift to lift :)

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Flava Clown unregistered
#2   19 Jan 2002
first thx for your feedback.

u right there are 2 lifts on both sides on the map (the map is mirrored). between the lifts (the tunnel from tunnel to tunnel) is a hole in the floor with a teleporter to the room with the quad! if you jump is this hole while some other press the button u'll jump in ur death :) (a trap!) but ur enemy must been realy close to you because the button is close to the hole (in the small room with the computers) there is also a megahealth behind the computers!

p.s. sorry about my bad english i hope u understand what i talked about ;)

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Octovus unregistered
#1   17 Jan 2002
Worth a peek gets a higher ranking than download away? Maybe Tig was tired. (Or Mandog, sorry!) Anyhow, this map is quite nice looking and ok playing. I really love the shader/texture used on the LG and RL rooms (not the central one but the ones in the corners); it's not too distracting but just something nice to look at. There are lifts on both sides of the map I believe; not 100% about this but...

The PG room was rather pointless. Such a large room, with such dangerous things below, is hardly made worthwhile by the inclusion of a meagre RA and a PG. Putting the RG back there could have worked great. The "anti-camper" measure is also a bit extreme. The rockets will fire even if you jump off right away, perhaps fragging the poor soul who followed you down the pipe instead of you (even though neither of you were camping). Gets a 7 from me...cool looks, but the map that inspired it can't possible have been that good.


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