Bouncin 'Tween Da Boxen
Bouncin 'Tween Da Boxen by BadMonkey
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#11   19 Feb 2012
This is an original idea straight from the mind :). 9/10
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SW12 unregistered
#10   22 Jun 2010
YES!!!!!! OH YES OH YESS OH YES! I have been looking and looking for this map for years after loosing it and forgetting it. Now I found It! I am just so happy! I can dance! VICTORY!
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Ayron unregistered
#9   05 Feb 2004
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Mark unregistered
#8   28 Feb 2002
I love bouncin' tween the boxen! I've downloaded many add on levels and it's got to be my favorite.

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James unregistered
#7   19 Jan 2002
I down loaded your boxen but i can,t get it to work its in base3 but when i try to open it i get can,t load default ctg. please help would like to try it out if you have any info. send it to
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BadMonkey unregistered
#6   02 Dec 2001
No you don't get hurt if you touch the CPU, but you will die if you touch the exposed wires oln the power switch. When you get the BFG, just keep running in the direction that you teleport. You'll find out!
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pooty unregistered
#5   01 Dec 2001
do you get hurt if you step on a cpu ? hell, you should DIE if you walk on a amd chip ehehe
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BadMonkey unregistered
#4   30 Nov 2001
Thanks for the comments. This was a hard map to make. I realize that the motherboard texture is very stretched, but the rest of the textures were made by scanning actual hardware and removing the chips by hand - a process that took a long time. I didn't have a spare motherboard handy to scan, so that texture was made from a lo-res image.

I agree that this is a novelty map. I tried to balance gameplay with realism. A computer chassis does not make a typical or optimal deathmatch layout. I stuck to my theme the best I could.

I also agree that the lighting hurts in some places. The hardware and layout made lighting quite a challenge. Again, I stuck to my theme.

I had never heard of "Btype" until "not entered"'s post. I personally haven't seen any other "in a computer" maps until after this map was released.

I have been mapping since Doom II, but this was the hardest and most complicated map I have made yet. I learned a huge amount in the process.

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Octovus unregistered
#3   30 Nov 2001
I agree with most of your comments, I thought of the "friendly review" thing myself to some extent; but to say that it's not refreshing or making a change because of a Quake 2 map is silly. I don't have Q2, and this hasn't been done in Q3. Plus that site hasn't been updated in over two months.

I agree overall though.


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not entered unregistered
#2   29 Nov 2001
how is the "texturing great" when half the textures are streched 100x?

And saying that "the gameplay is not so great" (i won't even begin on how much of an understatement that is) and then summing up the map saying it's "a fun map"?

and "refreshing" and "making a change" aren't what comes to mind when describing a map which is similar in theme to "Btype" - and the ever famous "runtfest"?

it seems strange that a map by Badmonkey, who reviewed many of the other maps in todays update, gets a horridly written review that seems like a friend trying not to be mean.

The map itself is nice, altho it seems to barrow some ideas, the theme is executed well and has nice some detail to it.

Items seem randomly placed and are definatly not balenced (grab a RA, haste and BFG all within seconds). Lighting is functional, with lots of full dark areas. lots of nice little places to feel cramped and ultimatly be frustrated in if someone comes along to blast you.

Like Octovus and the reviewer both said, it's just a novelty map. all style and no substance.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   29 Nov 2001
"Novelty" captures it all. It's not really playable, but like Runtfest you can spend at least half an hour finding all the secrets, looking for cool sound effects, etc. Unfortunately it's just impossible to do this in the middle of a heated battle, so real fights quickly become boring. Worth checking out for a look see, though!


P.S. 7 from me, though its a 9 or 10 for the novelty factor.

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