blood stream
blood stream by FRENZIC
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FRENZIC unregistered
#11   13 Dec 2001
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FRENZIC unregistered
#10   13 Dec 2001
Thnx for the comment DoomsDay_man,Unfortunatly i have no web sites with maps on at the mo (our website was closed by bw)sorry,btw is there a web site for the lan or just local? :D.. perhaps you could get a demo of a tourney match played on great too see :-D... and i'm working on a few more maps right now thnx............FRENZIC.....

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DoomsDay_Man unregistered
#9   12 Dec 2001
This is a cracker , a sure fire keeper , this is staying on my HD for some time to come.

If you want a fast furious map look no further, we will be using this at our next local lan for the competion , can you plz make more :) have you got a site I can check on progress of new maps?

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FRENZIC unregistered
#8   24 Nov 2001
Thanx jevph for the comment m8 (i will see ya on a server again sometime :-D....thanx to all keep them coming :-D.......FRENZIC.
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jevph unregistered
#7   23 Nov 2001
Definitly claustrophobia! And I didn't know such a small level could be that confusing... But for the first shot: A Masterpiece! Great fun, top atmosphere and extreme battle conditions - surely a level I won't forget! And a LOT of potential... MAKE MORE!!!
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PressureX unregistered
#6   20 Nov 2001
Good map fast paced and close how i like it :)

Keep up the good work

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FRENZIC unregistered
#5   20 Nov 2001
Thanks for all your comments (appreciated) keep them comming plezzzz :-D....FRENZIC...
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fist of pain unregistered
#4   20 Nov 2001
THIS map roks hard , with 1v1 , yer some clipping problems but , gameplay is bang on ....a promising 1st realease , I personnaly cant wait till future releases : )
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FRENZIC unregistered
#3   19 Nov 2001
i know its a bit small throughout the level and abit more clipping is needed,thanks comic releif for the comment m8y :) more maps are currently being built and will be on the beta page soon,oh and it did take me 4-5 weeks to complete (i was doing 12 hour sessions on radiant heh.........FRENZIC.

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Comic Relief unregistered
#2   18 Nov 2001
OK, I'll try to come up with some comments...

First off, the lighting and general visuals are very good. The level of detail is remarkable for a 4-week project. (You sure it wasn't 4 months?) One thing did bother me... I was feeling claustrophobic in the level. I wish there was a big room somewhere in the level where I could move around freely. I know the lava room is kind of large, but the lava greatly restricts movement. None the less, gameplay and item placement were good. Also, you might try some player clipping around doorjams, to guide klutzy players (like me) through after they've been knocked around by an explosion. Overall, I'd say this was an exceptionally good first release.

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FRENZIC unregistered
#1   16 Nov 2001
Hey you bunch of quakers,gonna let me know what u guys think....please some comments asap....:o).......FRENZIC....
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