Trial by Error
Screenshot for Trial by Error by R.P.G.
Added: 22 Dec, 2003   More than 10 years old Has been a featured release A 360 degree panorama is available.
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08 Apr 2016
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Trial by Error is also used in Open Arena. I know that because I've played the SP on that game, and I didn't really think the game engine would look as hot as it did on that!
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24 Dec 2012
Rep: 170
WoW Looks great!
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21 Dec 2012
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I'm glad I found this to amuse me for hours because this map is extraordinary :D. It has everything a successful map needs and it's such a brilliant work of art. 9/10 :)
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05 Mar 2011
Rep: 1030
At first I didn`t care much for this map because I felt it was rather tight and the construction was somewhat awkward, then I realized it was an excellent map and the layout is very original. It blends together very well and there`s some ideas I like such as the little hole that takes you right into one of the hallways. Texturing and lighting give it a very good atmosphere, feels like a Quake 4 marine base but done in a much simpler style.
Yes, I think this could be a mighty fine Quake Live map. Open-source too, so less legal stuff. :)
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06 Mar 2010
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R.P.G., this map is converted to OpenArena and renamed to oa_rpg3dm2 by leileilol.
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20 Aug 2009
Rep: 313
Amazing how some authors actually have a signature, or at the very least a mapping style that is interest grabbing. I downloaded rpg3dm1 as well, even though I had not noted that rpg3dm2 was by the same author. :)
Well textured map, very detailed, layout is interesting, but somehow I prefer the orange look of rpg3dm1 better. The JPs have a very cool design BTW (see the lvlworld screenshot for this map). Over all, plays well in vQ3 against the bots and is fun.
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01 Jan 2004
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Fun to play in CPMA...still miss the railgun, even if it is felt that it ruins the 'balance' of the map. Hell, it could have been put where the Red armor is...risk enough? Other than that, fun map.
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26 Dec 2003
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Very competent map. Outside bit could use slight improvements in the visual department, but other than that it's solid.
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23 Dec 2003
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Oooooooh, that's a very good job... Especially with the bots. They're really challenging. I've never seen that in another map. Even in the "hurt me plenty" level, they are... feeeew..., don't know what to say... I've not played against human opponents yet, but I think it should be a blast...

Download it now !!!...

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