Until The Next Life
Until The Next Life by GlassMan
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raspatan Rep. 4558
#28   11 Sep 2020
This map is almost perfect. Almost because gameplay is unbalanced in favour of the top floor. As such, it is very easy to dominate the map as long as you are on the top floor. Both armor are on the bottom floor but in the end this does not make for enough difference. Thus, what the map is missing is some teleport or bounce pad taking you from one to the other.
Still, the map is amazing. A keeper!
PD: things might be a bit different with CPM but I am a VQ3 person.
Edited 2.03 minutes after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#27   12 Jul 2012
Very impressive. Same textures from ''Scrap Metal By Bal'' but in a different colour. GlassMan, you are blessed with mapping skills because both of your maps tick everything on my how to make a good map list. 8.5/10
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gigantes unregistered
#26   21 Jan 2004
the best map for the whole YEAR?? sure, and it's a very nice map and tastefully executed, but when the reviewer makes a comment like that i am expecting a slice of absolute nirvana. something beyond dispute. sorry, but this wasn't it. and i don't NEED to think of what map might be better because that's not the point. usually there isn't such a thing anyway, and for good reason: it's disrespectful to the other fine maps for 2003.

there's no shortcuts and there shouldn't be any... if you want to see the best maps you have to give many maps a try.

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MopAn unregistered
#25   17 Jan 2004
@Hubster: Can't help myself but I can't follow some of your written words underneath.

I think there is no need to think there is a 'elite' who only can judge a map from it's roots or only can judge the gameplay-quality of a map.

Thing is your position is very very subjetive as from the gameply it should be for a play in cpma.

The original spirit of reviewing a map or play a map shouldn't go this way. This way to judge a map is one view, how it would run under a very specialized mod.

A map should bring fun, ideas, architecture, solid gameplay and whatever.

Only to judge from the gameplay can't be the right way in the end. There are other aspects who are worth to look at imo.

And you cpma-reviewers are not the only ones who are in the situation to judge this way. Full stop. This is self-centred.


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bullgod unregistered
#24   13 Jan 2004

....even tho you're wrong. :D

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Tig unregistered
#23   10 Jan 2004
bullgod: jof3dm1 - lvlworld.com/comments.php - is a good map, but I (personally) would not call a better release than this one. This may come down to a difference in game style and/or preference, and on that note, each to there own.
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bullgod unregistered
#22   05 Jan 2004
tig: The Long Way Home - jof3dm1.pk3

...hands down.

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ix unregistered
#21   03 Jan 2004
Review maps from your perspective for LvL then or STFU 'not entered'.
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The Hubster unregistered
#20   30 Dec 2003
Us "CPMA zealots" happen to utilise maps far more thoroughly than the average VQ3 player does. The geometry of a map is far more important to us because of the physics of CPMA. Such a feature creates connectivity to level not attainable in VQ3. Therefore, trick jumps play a VITAL role in the movement of a player in a CPMA duel.

Obviously you've never played CPMA before.

We have taken over the reviewing here? We havent taken over. We're just more passionate about our levels' playability that's all. Theres NO ONE stopping other people from reviewing.

If CPMA players' reviewing is such an issue for you, "not entered", then take a stab at reviewing yourself. Mind you, I think I can safely say you would have no idea how to review the gameplay, and would waste our time with comments on brushwork and texturing, leaving little comment for what PLAYING the level is like.

Have a good new year chummer!

CPMA player and proud, The Hubster

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Tig unregistered
#19   30 Dec 2003
bullgod: What map released in 2003 would you put above this one?

BTW, I played this level in standard Q3A first, not in CPMA.

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bullgod unregistered
#18   30 Dec 2003
very true, not entered, very true.

and "The best Q3A map for 2003..." - dude. hardly.

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not entered unregistered
#17   30 Dec 2003
ya ... i havent visited lvl in a while, i didnt realize CPM zealots were doing all the map reviews. sort of a letdown. Reading through the latest reviews, i see that the availability of trick jumps out weighs weapon placement, design, and flow. trick jump this, trick jump that ...
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GlassMan unregistered
#16   28 Dec 2003
:-/ Let me try that again

RPG - I had a real problem getting the light level right with this map. When the testers sent me back screenshots they were all really dark. So I reset my config to default & found that the map was dark with the default settings.

I then used the -scale setting in q3map2 to boost the light levels. The end result is that it looks as I intended under default config but under my normal config (& I suspect yours) it is too bright.

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not entered unregistered
#15   28 Dec 2003
Thanks again guys

RPG - I had a real problem getting the light level right with this map. When the testers sent me back screenshots they were all really dark

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The Hubster unregistered
#14   27 Dec 2003
Great piece of work Glassman. Congrats!:-)
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R.P.G. unregistered
#13   24 Dec 2003
I played through the map yesterday, so I thought I'd add my comments.

Overall the visuals are top notch. I thought most of the walls were a bit too plain/flat, and the lighting also seemed to be overly bright/flat without much contrast. I didn't like some of the texturing (the grates down in the water seemed a bit odd and didn't make much sense structurally). The pipes and other bits that were way above the playing area were a nice touch that made the map seem more like an expansive place instead of just an arena. Overall the visuals were good, but I would have liked to see more interesting lighting and details.

I only played with a bot in vQ3, so I don't feel I should comment much on the gameplay; however, it seemed pretty good.

Rating: 9/10

P.S. Thanks, GlassMan, for pimping the other maps on this update. :)

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GlassMan unregistered
#12   24 Dec 2003
Thanks all.

CPMA doesn't need promotion from me but, if there are still doubters, it's worth trying for the far superior v1.2 bots alone (try skills over 81).

Also, the other maps in this update are high quality so make sure you take a look at them as well :)

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schwim unregistered
#11   23 Dec 2003
Grab the map www.infosprite.com/modules.php the Next Life" here

Link if html doesn't work:

www.infosprite.com/modules.php the Next Life



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crypt1c unregistered
#10   23 Dec 2003
nice to see disgruntled anony Gq3 players chiming in with jackass comments :)

btw, nice work glassman :)

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StormShadow unregistered
#9   23 Dec 2003
Oh that must be it. Duh!

Good news: im not crazy!

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RasputiN unregistered
#8   23 Dec 2003
StormShadow, are you talking about the spawn markers in HoonyMode?
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StormShadow unregistered
#7   23 Dec 2003
Am i the only one seeing ghosts? Strange silouhuettes of player models seem to be visible in vertex light. Interesting touch.

Cool map.

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not entered unregistered
#6   23 Dec 2003
cpma cpma cpma.....who gives a fuck? remember when people we knew and respected used to do the reviews here, back when a good review on LvL actually mattered?
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dAde unregistered
#5   23 Dec 2003
rox :D GJ
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Tig unregistered
#4   22 Dec 2003
I've reported this problem the GameSpy on Saturday (I think).

Try the login on this page, www.gamespyid.com/index.aspx then come back to the download here. Or just grab it from the authors page :]

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Vondur unregistered
#3   22 Dec 2003
Glassman rocks!


Btw guys, try downloading from Glassman's webby, but not from Fileplanet :)

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Can't download unregistered
#2   22 Dec 2003
I can't download either.
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I wanna downoad unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2003
There seems to be a download problem.... either with lvl or with fileplanet. When I try to login to download, I just get sent to lvl. Is anyone getting a successful download?
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