The Dreadful Place
Screenshot for The Dreadful Place by ShadoW
Added: 21 Jan, 2010   More than 5 years old Over 50 votes. A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available. A version of this map is available on Quake Live.
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04 Jan 2013
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To me the layout is just horrible. Dead ends everywhere. Texturing etc. is nicely done, but why the need for all those dead ends? Not a keeper for me.
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07 Jan 2012
Rep: 926
Well designed map i absolutely adore it :).
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06 Aug 2011
Rep: 1030
This map is getting used for TDM in this year`s QuakeCon. gj ShadoW.
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13 Mar 2010
Rep: 654
@Jr. Smash MUHAHA : There are also step-by-step instructions here - - How to play a map
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13 Mar 2010
Rep: 400
Jr. Smash MUHAHA, the answer to your query may be found in the zip file's read me notepad. For your convenience just right click on the zip file and extract it to: C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3. I trust that you have updated Quake3 Arena with the quake3-1.32 point release. If you have other questions please visit: You should find the forums there helpful.
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13 Mar 2010
Jr. Smash MUHAHA
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how do i add this map?
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07 Mar 2010
Rep: 400
This is a clean and nicely detailed map. However, It does take some time to get used to the "dead ends" . I rate it a bit higher than where it was sitting before.
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22 Jan 2010
Rep: 313
So the "I've seen this design before" was not a figment of my imagination... I liked the original map using this design...
Alas, here I had too much déjà vu, which spoiled the fun a bit. Due to the time restrictions some of the gameplay/design had to be compromised it seems. Some connecting corridors were too narrow IMO, the two-way AP in the main screenshot, forces the player to jump between columns, any air control slams you into a pillar (not so much fun). Maybe I did not play the map enough, but the layout felt "dead-end-ish" in several areas, i.e. I thought the path should continue here, but actually I ran right into a wall. And some areas were inexplicably cramped, whereas other areas were just fine.
I think some additional time would really have helped make the map stand out more - but that's the way it goes with competition restraints, alas.
P.S. Forgot to mention, the design is really nice, and there are quite a few clever details I really liked.
Edited: 23 Jan 2010 AEST

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