Screenshot for Siderea by BLOOD
Added: 08 Nov, 2016   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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31 Dec 2016
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Very nice map, good job, perfect, thank you,
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21 Nov 2016
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OK, thanks for the advice. I got the level to play.
Here's some quick thoughts.
Nice architecture
Good texturing
Some good gameplay ideas
Too dark (in my opinion)
Could have done with having some smaller fight areas
Polycount too high
Plus the already mentioned problems
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18 Nov 2016
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Did you increase the hunkmegs in the console?
/com_hunkmegs 256
Type this in game into the console.
Hope it helps.
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18 Nov 2016
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Hey Bozo thanks for taking an interest in the level.
Make sure you dont have any bots added or the game usually crashes. Add bots after you are loaded into the level. If the map still crashes after adding bots in game im not sure what can be done. Perhaps increasing your hunkmegs will work. I have tested the map on 4 computers and on 3 of them i had to add bots after entering the map and then everything runs fine.
Edited 1.52 days after the original posting.
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18 Nov 2016
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I downloaded this and all I got was an error message so I cannot rate this map

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