Screenshot for Pitbull by fKd
Added: 05 Jan, 2014   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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09 Jan 2014
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Not bad fKd but I got to be honest here. this isnt your strongest map. the others have something different in them that I can't really put out. I don't know really it's just when playing this map I felt different because when I played your other maps, I was always excited and hyper because of the stuff you put in them but this one I didn't feel it. It's a good map don't get me wrong but for me it isnt your best nor your strongest it's quite average in my opinion. But I rate you for the amount of effort put in bro Well Done! :)
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08 Jan 2014
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I like the map.
The textures work great and the map is small but offers quite a few action places.
A nitpicks for me is the long stairs, it feels a bit out of place.
(but i can understand because it is needed to create height)
Good fun this map ;)
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06 Jan 2014
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Sorry about the wrong readme link, fixed now.
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06 Jan 2014
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Thanks for the review :) Oddly the readme thats linked in the review points to the readme from Undergod.
Yeah, as i was nearing the end of this one the ya placement was something i was thinking about. On one hand you have to travel around a bit from the ra or rocket jump which would lower your stack vs say dropping down from the mh so that you would have a ya+mh. Its a fine art getting the balance right in a asymmetrical map when you have no human vs human gameplay feedback. Still, no excuses.
Still, cheers and happy new year all at LvLworld
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