Screenshot for Kora by Rota
Added: 16 May, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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21 Jun 2015
Rep: 926
Rota, you are a legendary mapper! Your texture skills are amazing! Teach me your ways please. I haven't played this yet and I will leave my feedback once I have but wow just looking at this I know I'll be impressed.
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10 Jun 2015
Rep: 1111
This game will never die until last mapper ends his work on that game ;)
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09 Jun 2015
Rep: 70
Thank you, CZghost, for map review. I am happy someone still play this game..
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07 Jun 2015
Rep: 1111
Rota makes awesome maps. I think the most beatiful and in my opinion the best and the most wanted map from Rota is Marylin. Nice nature-like environment combined with high-tech base construction. I eat every new map Rota will come with and I like his maps as much more as it's czech mapper so I know its origin is here in the small country in the very hearth of Europe :)
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06 Jun 2015
Rep: 84
Choice texture work, top notch layout, bots work well.. and those telescopic pistons on the platform.. "love" :)
You have my respect sir...
Very nice map indeed.

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