Iron Hive
Screenshot for Iron Hive by sst13
Added: 12 Apr, 2011   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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09 May 2012
good work 10/10
Edited: 09 May 2012 AEST
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10 Jan 2012
Rep: 926
Excellent Gameplay!
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09 Jan 2012
Rep: 170
Bueno, en este mapa voy a destruir a Razor, bien hecho
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14 Jul 2011
I felt like I was inside a Borg Cube ship when playing this map.
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16 Apr 2011
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A solid space map, but if I had to choose between this and Gothic Dawn I`d have to choose the latter. It just feels more "natural" to me than Hive. Sure it may not have the pretty skybox or texture set but for some reason I feel it plays smoother than Hive... maybe it`s me though. Still a good map.
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16 Apr 2011
Rep: 290
Looks great and plays well. :)
I was a little bit disoriented, as the skybox looked (at least on my eyes) a lot closer than it really was, and it made the map really confusing to play for me. So I had to disable the skybox to be able to get a proper sense of the layout and size.
Anyways, a great release.
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15 Apr 2011
Rep: 271
Many thanks for the review membrane!
Which CPMA version did you use? I've seen the elevator-bug (disappearing / flickering) only in CPMA v1.47. With v1.48 the elevator works fine for me. Also OSP and baseq3 works fine.
Sidenote: The map is based on the alpha-version layout of Gothic Dawn (13dawn) with some changes.
There is also a little secret to find. :)
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13 Apr 2011
Rep: 488
Wow, this is a REEEAALLLYYY cool map! 1,000/10 :)
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12 Apr 2011
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Finally an H.R.Giger-esque map, good work!

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