Screenshot for Bloodrust by Scummy
Added: 16 Apr, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
Promo Shot
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01 Jun 2016
Rep: 145
This is a stunning eye-candy map! The architecture is so intricated!
Very nice work!
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20 Apr 2015
Rep: 1086
These type of maps always get me hooked on. There's futuristic/tech maps and then there's this. This is how Tech maps should be like and for those mappers who are trying to create a futuristic map, take a look at this one because this map certainly is amazing. The colours in this map especially are pretty darn cool. It's always fun blowing your opponents away with the Rocket Launcher and seeing their blood splatter over the green tubes. Love this map, well done Scummy!

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