Bloodrust by Scummy

Visually, there is heaps going on here. The setting is a Sci-Fi processing plant of some kind with enough occupational health and safety issues to cause even the most conservative worker concern. There are bright green goo pipes everywhere. Open, unlocked computer terminals in public walkways. Some of the lower areas have narrow bridges over pools of slime without handrails! One worker has even stuck up a picture of their favourite calendar girl.

Then, in case that was not enough, there are people with Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launches, Plasma Guns and Rail guns shooting them where ever they like.

The main area is very open, detailed and big. People on older hardware will notice a frame rate slow down for sure. One of the most architecturally interesting parts of the map is a sloped curved floor area. This area really has a lot going for it. More of this unique, tighter space and less of the openness would have been very nice.

At the end of the day however, this is a fun map for a DM game or 3.

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Bloodrust by Scummy