Screenshot for Bloodfactory by Kaffeewunder
Added: 27 Aug, 2012   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
Promo Shot
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30 May 2016
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Yes, the lighting seems a bit dark but the layout & gameplay seem good to me. It's probably mixed though. Download if you wish.
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27 Aug 2012
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@tehSandwich: Thanks for mentioning that :)
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27 Aug 2012
I actually understand the problem about the "glass" floors. It actually uses the stock Quake 3 fence shader which was made to shrink. Kafeewunder used it as it was, like if it weren't supposed to shrink. And due to how the engine does mipmapping with alpha-tested textures, it renders it virtually invisible from a distance.

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