Every Q3 level ever
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#1   09 Apr 2023
Hello you absolute legends.

LvL curates and presents the best Q3 map releases, but all levels are interesting to me. To that end, here's a torrent of every Q3 level I've ever managed to find. It's 111Gb and consists of around 15.5k levels.
This is a magnet link you can paste into a torrent client to download it: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0218cc054f95eab157621bdd54475addbf509138&xt=urn:btmh:1220c57bbda3b35342047b0a7c6a9478d8eca2873cb406bc5620a3e6aa10e050da1a&dn=Quake%203%20Level%20Archive&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

It's probably missing many Defrag levels. Because there are so many and they're often low-effort I've not mustered up the patience to grab them all from Worldspawn.

Here is a list of all files in the torrent: controlc.com/abafc320

Here is a list of levels I know existed but haven't been able to find: controlc.com/5ddcf63f

If you have any levels on the missing list or otherwise not in the archive, please let me know!

Danke schön,

Edit: September 2023 - Updated to a new magnet link. Some new content, mostly Urban Terror maps. Sorted a lot more into subfolders e.g. Defrag. Identified and removed some duplicates.
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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#2   29 Jul 2023
Awesome, thanks for this!
i'd just wish you separated the defrag maps somehow.
Foo Rep. 367
#3   16 Aug 2023
Thanks @Gelenkbusfahrer!
Next version will have as many Defrag (and other mod-specific) maps separated out into subfolders as possible. It's pretty tricky, because some are not obviously labelled and even some of the maps flagged as defrag (containing a .defi file, for example) are actually playable levels in vq3 with regular pickups and such. Real hard to cleanly separate stuff.
So far I've managed to shuffle ~6100 levels into their own subfolders, and ~9400 are still in the main dir.
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#4   17 Aug 2023
This thread is pure gold. Thank you for taking time and effort to collect this!!! <3

Its a small silly thing, but I remember it was either WCG 2002 or ESWC 2003/2004 that had a pk3 file that puts the
logo event on the maps used in the comp. Was a nice little touch back then.
To think, Q3 can reach 65GB just by maps alone. Not even counting all the demos from the comps backs then.

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#5   10 Sep 2023
New version for September 2023. A lot more content sorted into subfolders and a lot of duplication stripped out (stuff like zip and pk3 stored separately, or two versions of a map that are actually identical just named or compressed differently). Largest addition is 5000 Urban Terror maps, all in a separate subfolder that you can exclude from the download if you don't want them.
Size is now 15.5k, 111Gb. New magnet link is in the first post.
Neon_Knight Rep. 324
#6   30 Mar 2024
Hi! I see the Torrent also has OpenArena maps, we've been wanting to preserve OA material for quite a long time. I have a lot of maps uploaded to a Mega folder.

Here are my maps and reworks: mega.nz/folder/7d5GAAxT
Here are the third-party untouched maps: mega.nz/folder/XUhSXTzT

I've also uploaded many OA maps to MapRaider as well as ModDB. Here are links to those too!
Once again, awesome job!
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