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D!ABLO's map-editor - An in-game editor
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 984
#1   16 Jan 2021
Just a quick heads-up. D!ABLO's map-editor RC4 - lvlworld.com/mod/id:48 - has been added to the Mods section.

While this is an old, unfinished in game editor and I could only find the RC1 source code for it, the editor could be a very useful starting point for someone with some time to update, change, correct and finish the project.

Takkie Rep. 1536
#2   16 Jan 2021
Hi Tig,
I think this is rc05 it looks all cleaned up.
The setup of the .zip looks different but the documentation states this is rc05 and that it is from the same author.
I haven't tried it in q3 yet but I thought I'd share this with you.

The editor is in this mod and it appears to let you and others edit the map while playing. You can save and load a .map file which you then can copy in the .map file of the original map. Recompile and there is the.bsp of the map with a new item layout created 'in-game'.
This really want to set up q3map2 again....
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Takkie Rep. 1536
#3   17 Jan 2021
I just quickly loaded it up and it is rc05 of the in-game map editor. It comes with qscript which allows you to make mods through scripting...
Tig Rep. 984
#4   17 Jan 2021
@Takkie : I was unable to get the QScript mod working correctly. Could be my currently experimental set-up. Will try again on my standard set-up soon.

I also worked out how to load changes with RC4. Basically, you need to save the changes as the same name as the BSP. That is, changes to q3dm1 need to be saved as \editsave q3dm1. The mod review has been updated.

EmeraldTiger Rep. 2180
#5   21 days ago
This map editor certainly looks interesting. I remember coming across another mod with a similar concept (I think it was called ICE?), although I don't know if it allowed you to save any changes / export item layouts.

There's a ton of maps out there that would benefit greatly from this mod. Many maps have really awesome layouts and designs that promote good gameflow but are sadly tarnished by poor item placement, and could easily be "salvaged" by doing nothing more than moving, adding, deleting, or changing items.

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