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Level Up!
Started by themuffinator
raspatan Rep. 3003
#21   09 Jan 2021
@themuffinator Amazing work!!! I'm looking forward to try it out, including the wall jumping setting! Parkour on Q3! Is Levelup a new mod or a new game? Would it run in ioq3?
no rush we're hardly going anywhere
So sadly true :(
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#22   09 Jan 2021
I have some ideas but I'm not certain if all of them can be implemented.
-Shields and Armor system with weapons that have strengths and weaknesses to them like a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" system. Phased Polaron Beams ignore shields, Shard Cannons (shoot powerful crystals) ignore armor, and maybe some weapons that ignore both but have a long reload time and have little ammo. I was making a FPS in Unreal Engine 4 with this idea but lost my motivation working on it last Spring.

-NPC's like in Star Wars Jedi Academy. HUNT mod has monsters that spawn in Co-Op modes and UT2004 has Invasion mode, but I'd like to be able to spawn friendly, hostile, and neutral NPC's like in Jedi Academy when I'm just messing around having fun (would be really fun in one of my custom maps). Would like to have more monster options than just the ones featured in HUNT, maybe a monster that uses a weapon of the player's choosing via options?

-Another game for CTF maps where instead of a flag it'd be similar to Overload from Team Arena that replaces the flags with a structure each team has to protect. Maybe make it so when destroyed it explodes like a Kamikaze from TA?

-Piggyback on the HUNT mod how they have the monster launcher in non-coop modes, but make it so you can spawn other kinds of monsters like Guards and Titans for maximum hilarity!

-Vehicles that replace certain items (maybe of the players choosing as a menu option). Annihilation had motorcycles and turrets, so I know Q3A can handle vehicles.

-Weather mode; Annihilation had a menu option that made it so it either had clear weather, was raining, or snowing. The rain in that mod actually impacted on the surface, which was cool except the water oozed rather than fell realistically (think the storm ability from SuperHeroes Arena)
-Team Fortress Co-Op like in Quake 1. Think Hunt's STU mode but with TF's classes. Maybe that's too much? IDK.
-Bolters from Warhammer 40,000 (fire explosive rounds) or lasguns (photon laser rifles)
-Phased Polaron Beams from Star Trek (shoot blue beams that can ignore shields)
-Crystalline Weapons from Space Empires (ignore armor)
-Lightsabers from Star Wars (weapon that can melt through metal and deflect plasma bolts)
-Blasters from Star Wars
-Phasers from Star Trek
-Psychic or Magic powers

If I knew how to make mods for Quake 3, I wouldn't bother asking anyone else to do it. Now that I know how to make maps of my own, I no longer bug other people about my custom map ideas when I can do them myself.

Takkie Rep. 1536
#23   09 Jan 2021
@SW12 & @muffinator on github there is a Hunt version for quake3e. There is also a folder with the compiled mod for quake3e.
Perhaps useful?
Takkie Rep. 1536
#24   10 Jan 2021
no rush we're hardly going anywhere
So sadly true :(

Haha, but actually it is great being here.
OK back to the topic.
Here is another idea:
T7) A new game type that just needs coding and perhaps adding some stuff to the hud and/or scoreboard.
Instead of fragging you must complete little missions.
For now I'll give a couple of mission suggestion but if it will be in the mod we could do a brainstorm for different (types) of missions.
When you enter the arena you get a mission wich you can accept or reject. When you reject you get an alternative mission.
If you complete a mission you get a point (or 2 if may depend on the difficulty of the mission)
Mission examples:
-Frag 2 players with lightninggun
(you may recieve the weapon at start of the mission or you might need to pick it up first from its spawn point)
-Frag a someone using 3 different weapons
-Frag 4 consecutive opponents with quad
(at start of mission you get the quad)
-Stay alive for 60 sec. without picking up health (at mission start your health is 35)
-move (walk/run) 2000 units without losing health or shooting.
- pick up 80 shells...
- frag bones 2 times in a row
-get fragged and be the first to frag the player that fragged you (revenge}
You can make "conflicting" missions like:
-prevent the quad from being picked up and one or more other players have the mission, obtain the quad.
-drown yourself and an opponent has as mission: frag someone in the water
Missions can be map dependable.
In ctf maps you can involve the flag in missions or certain areas. For example: frag 3 players in the red base...
If there is lava: a player gets the bfg and the mission: prevent anybody from jumping in the lava.
You can make silly missions, very difficult missions, simple missions, missions where you need to know where certain items in the map are, timed missions, co-op missions...
If this sounds interesting it might be cool to implement missions through a script so you can add missions after the mod is released/compiled. A bit like the chat scripts for the bots where certain parts are pre-programmed and other can be random picked from a list or can be specified (or map dependent).
For in-game clarity:
In the hud you can see your mission description and perhaps (toggle on/off) you can see the other missions in progress.
I think there are a lot of possibilities here.
We could even make room for some way of sharing mission scripts with each other... OK now I am pushing it....
Oh wait for certain missions it may be fun to adjust the way a weapon works. For example a mission where you need to 'tag' an opponent with the railgun first and then you need to frag it with rocket launcher within 30 sec. A nice touch can be that the 'tagged' player receives the message 'you have been tagged' and then sees a 30 sec countdown...
Or frag 3 players with the grenade launcher and the gl 's firing rate is much higher and you can fire much more grenades.
OK I think you all can get the idea... right?
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Takkie Rep. 1536
#25   11 Jan 2021
Because of me spamming this thread with ideas I started to number them.
This is:
T8) "Personal Overload"
Every player has a little obelisk and at the start of a match you have 30 sec. to place your obelisk.
Then the game begins and the objective is to destroy the obelisk of other players and defend your own. Server can set obelisk strength (default 1000?).
You score when you destroy an obelisk. If your obelisk is destroyed you have 30 sec to set it up again. Those 30 sec. you are in spectator mode and you cannot score. I think you shouldn't get a penalty (or negative score) when your obelisk gets destroyed, the time penalty would be enough. And this allows a more aggressive approach to the game. In the hud you can see the strength of your obelisk.
This can also work in TDM where every player has his own obelisk. As a team you could choose to have the obelisks near each other and have two defenders while the rest of the team is attacking or you could choose to have the obelisks scattered around. In ctf it would be a mix, main objective: capture the flag. But every player has an obelisk and if it gets destroyed there will be the 30 sec penalty. Which in ctf can be uh, problematic. And not to forget, when you get fragged you just respawn like normal and that can be annoying enough (even without a penalty or score for the fragger) because you need to reposition yourself....
I hope I am not harassing anyone with my ideas... It is just when I write one done a couple of hours later something new pops up.
For the obelisk the armor model can be usedwith the tinfx shader to make it look like a glass armor. When you aim at it the players name (from who the obelisk belongs to) appears. For team games the obelisk can have a blue/red glass shader.
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themuffinator Rep. 875
#26   11 Jan 2021
Great ideas. You're doing well Takkie! I get a bit crazy in brainstorm sessions too so I understand fully, but this is good!

Alot to run through. Just a few thoughts:
- if anyone can contribute, please do - especially on the modelling front as I don't usually have the patience for that.
- weather effects are complicated, and if we're talking dynamic we need a new renderer and specialized maps
- NPC's are probably a lot of work to get right (and asset creation is a thing, too), so I'd focus that effort in my main project.
- vehicles - maybe, if I can port some code and models from somewhere. Then again, it's something reliant on suitable maps so unless we're driving a moped around dm7 I can't see it working without maps made.

The rest seem mostly doable. Once again, contribute if you have any ability to code or generate assets/maps that could help achieve each feature request. I have a bunch of other projects going at the same time so not always going to be working on this.

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#27   11 Jan 2021
I know how to make custom maps and know how to use Autodesk Softimage 7.5, but I've never made models with Blender or attempted to make custom mods for Q3A yet. I could start learning now that all this talk about this is getting me motivated, though I personally would want to make a Warhammer 40k mod since W40k lacks a good FPS (seriously, Fire Warrior could easily have been made better).

If you know how to make your own mods, do you think you could show us a tutorial that is good on helping aspiring modders on how to begin? I'm looking at this one gregs-blog.com/200...ke-3-arena-mod/, but don't know if I should use Greg's "managed C++ .NET port with VS 2008 project files" or the original Id Software code with VS 2003 project files.
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themuffinator Rep. 875
#28   11 Jan 2021
@SW12: Code3Arena was hugely helpful to a number of modders back in the day:
Alot of those are really basic but give you a great foundation for future modding.

There were a few other sites but I can't remember their names and would need to trawl through archives for them as they probably no longer exist.

Takkie Rep. 1536
#29   11 Jan 2021
I am not a coder and unfortunately I won't be able to map until summer (because of my job). I will be able to do additional scripting (if necessary, like missions for example) , keep track of features implemented and do some general (background) documentation for the mod.
Also beta testing, providing feedback and pumping out more ideas....
Takkie Rep. 1536
#30   11 Jan 2021
@muffinator glad to know you like my brainstorm.
So here's another idea
T9) "one of us"
A new game type, a crossover between ffa and TDM. It is a bit weird to explain. But the concept is quite easy... (imo)
It starts as a ffa match. 'round 1'
Let's say a game with four players using the skins of: crash, sorlag anarki and doom.
Sorlag frags crash. Crash then respawns as Sorlag. So now in the game there are 2 players looking like sorlag. They cannot frag each other, they are now team sorlag.
In the mean time anarki fragged doom and doom respawns looking like anarki, so now we also have a team anarki.
This continues until everybody is on the same team and then the 'round' restarts.
The scoring is individual! A frag is one point and in the end it doesn't matter what the winning skin is.
The dynamics will be quite different. At some point everybody is trying to frag that one player but if that hunted player frags somebody, then the game may just turn around and a few moments later somebody else is the last player left to frag.
Important is that at there is always a visual difference between the players you can and cannot frag. In my example I used the skins to distinct teams, adding a cvar to use the colored cpma skins for this may be sensible.
At the beginning you can set a timelimit a fraglimit and/or a roundlimit.
themuffinator Rep. 875
#31   11 Jan 2021
@Takkie: Sounds like Red Rover?
EmeraldTiger Rep. 2180
#32   11 Jan 2021
So I know this isn't an original idea, but I always loved the Assault game mode in UT and it would be awesome to see it realized in Q3. The main reason I like it is because there's so much variety that you can implement in the map and objective design. There's potential for some neat maps based on id software game stories, like a Wolfenstein-themed Assault map where the attacking team tries to infiltrate a Nazi stronghold, or a Doom-themed Assault map set on Mars where the attacking team tries to destroy the portal to Hell before it opens while the defending team protects it so it can open. There's even potential to tap into the lore of original Quake 3 characters, like Keel and the Spiker Insurrection, or the war between Hunter and the Sorg (Sorlag's race). Assault maps are a great way to mix storytelling with arena FPS combat which makes them so cool in my opinion.
Takkie Rep. 1536
#33   11 Jan 2021
@muffinator I had to Google red rover and in the Netherlands we call it 'overlopertje' which translates to 'turner' or 'crossover'. 'Red rover' would be an appropriate name for game type because it has similarities, yes. :)
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Takkie Rep. 1536
#34   12 Jan 2021
T10}) the idea is bassicly that you can scroll through your ammo inventory like you can scroll through your weapon inventory. So weapon and ammo are not connected to each other anymore. There are different combinations possible. The ammo changes the way each weapon works. So here are some examples.
When you select ammo 'bullets' this will mean that all weapons will consume the 'bullets ammo' type and upon firing the firing rate of every weapon is increased significantly.
When you select 'shells', multiple bullets, rockets, rails, plasma etc will be fired at once with significant spread. (a shotgun effect for all weapons).
The ammo 'grenades' will make bullets, rockets etc do damage on impact and explode some time later with additional damage.
The 'lightning' ammo will send an extra electric charge and the target gets charged. This charge will consume health and will deplete over time (like an electric poison) The bullets, plasma balls, rockets can have additional electric effect on them.
When firing a weapon with the ammo 'cells' this will cause extra splash damage to the weapons fire impact. A plasma effect on fired ammo might be appropriate.
Selecting the 'rocket' ammo will cause all bullets, shells etc. to explode on impact and give some extra splash damage.
Ammo 'slugs': all weapons firing impact instantly (or increased velocity), without spread (or much less) and plasma balls are smaller, all weapons also have longer reload times.
The Bfg ammo 'plasma': damage from all the weapons increased, longer reload times, significant addition of splash damage...
The ammo selection can be bind to a key (or mouse wheel). The ammo will be consumed as normal and you can pick it up as normal.
So it is just another game setting...
I edited this idea, I think this way it is much easier to implement and it is much more versatile in usage. And more fun.
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raspatan Rep. 3003
#35   14 Jan 2021
Added wall jumping (use pmove_wallJump 1 to enable), works consistently but could use tweaking/balancing.

Sorry, haven't tried it yet, but I would suggest the following configuration:
- it only pushes upward when player is moving up (think of real life, where you can do this but only when momentum is upwards)
- speed of extra push upwards depends on the vertical speed (like in real life).
- zero vertical speed bounces you horizontally only (imagine you jump towards a wall 1 meter away, if you hit it when you have zero vertical speed, push would return you exactly to where you began).
- it can work when you are falling to, but never to reduce vertical speed (like in real life).
So you could climb up through two walls only when they are close enough.
(other games are using wall jumping! like Apex: www.youtube.com/watch)

Regarding my other suggestion, about a relative gravity mod (up-down is player-specific), not sure if possible but I envision the mod where you can easily change the "direction" of gravity using for instance the Shift key. So you are playing normally and want to grab an item which is for instance in the "cealing", you do Shift+E (E being the key for forward), and that flips the gravity of the player 180 degrees. Same with 90 degrees left or right, using Shift+S and Shift+F. You can imagine this being hugely versatile (but also very dizzying) by adding an entirely new dimension to the spacial strategy of the game. Only problem is the GL, which is gravity-specific, so needs to be decided how it would work with player-specific gravity.

And I'm being a leecher here, sorry. Don't have the skills nor the time to help beyond ideas and some testing once in a while. But anything that comes through is welcome! Btw, good to see so many ideas but more than a single mod, what this might end up being is a whole collection of new mods. You could call it "The Last Mod" or "The Ultimate Mod".
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Takkie Rep. 1536
#36   18 Jan 2021
In hindsight T10)
This could just be a game type where besides scrolling through the weapon selection you can also scroll through ammo selection giving a wide range of combination as described, without having to 'levelup'. Edited T10 accordingly.
Also I edited T8 with a model suggestion for the obelisk.
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Takkie Rep. 1536
#37   27 days ago
T11) "hot potato"
Inspired by the 'catch the chicken' mod this idea is the sort of opposite.
Everybody has normal weapons except for one unlucky player. This player spawns with the Bfg (hot potato). With this gun you cannot score. When you hit another player with the bfg this player gets the bfg and cannot score. So basically you want to avoid getting the bfg and for the rest everything is the same. Several options are possible for example in TDM or larger FFA games you could have multiple 'hot potatoes'. Or the player with the hot potato can (or cannot) be fragged. Perhaps an instagib version...
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