..::LvL Custom Map Server (test only)
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1184
#1   20 Sep 2020
In response to this thread ..::LvLWorld Q3 server? - lvlworld.com/thread/402/0 - a test server has been set-up.

Connection details -
Address: ioq3.lvlworld.com
Port: 27960

Be sure to set cl_allowDownload 1 to download maps you may not have.

Depending on the server resources used, this may not last long. Think of it as a test only.

The current maps on the server are all from the following map packs:


And, the current default server rotation is:

set unitooldm4 "map unitooldm4; set nextmap vstr Bal3dm4"
set Bal3dm4 "map Bal3dm4; set nextmap vstr hub3dm1"
set hub3dm1 "map hub3dm1; set nextmap vstr ktsdm3"
set ktsdm3 "map ktsdm3; set nextmap vstr hub3aeroq3"
set hub3aeroq3 "map hub3aeroq3; set nextmap vstr saiko_tourney1a"
set saiko_tourney1a "map saiko_tourney1a; set nextmap vstr qxtourney1"
set qxtourney1 "map qxtourney1; set nextmap vstr cpm11"
set cpm11 "map cpm11; set nextmap vstr cpm1a"
set cpm1a "map cpm1a; set nextmap vstr alkdm06"
set alkdm06 "map alkdm06; set nextmap vstr bal3dm3"
set bal3dm3 "map bal3dm3; set nextmap vstr yog3dm2"
set yog3dm2 "map yog3dm2; set nextmap vstr chiropteradm"
set chiropteradm "map chiropteradm; set nextmap vstr auh3dm1"
set auh3dm1 "map auh3dm1; set nextmap vstr estatica"
set estatica "map estatica; set nextmap vstr ct3tourney2"
set ct3tourney2 "map ct3tourney2; set nextmap vstr ct3tourney3"
set ct3tourney3 "map ct3tourney3; set nextmap vstr shibam"
set shibam "map shibam; set nextmap vstr d3xf1"
set d3xf1 "map d3xf1; set nextmap vstr ik3dm2"
set ik3dm2 "map ik3dm2; set nextmap vstr q3dmp23"
set q3dmp23 "map q3dmp23; set nextmap vstr q3gwdm2"
set q3gwdm2 "map q3gwdm2; set nextmap vstr fr3dm1"
set fr3dm1 "map fr3dm1; set nextmap vstr rustgrad"
set rustgrad "map rustgrad; set nextmap vstr jof3dm2"
set jof3dm2 "map jof3dm2; set nextmap vstr lun3_20b1"
set lun3_20b1 "map lun3_20b1; set nextmap vstr lun3dm5"
set lun3dm5 "map lun3dm5; set nextmap vstr necro6"
set necro6 "map necro6; set nextmap vstr trespass"
set trespass "map trespass; set nextmap vstr qfraggel3ffa"
set qfraggel3ffa "map qfraggel3ffa; set nextmap vstr focal_p132"
set focal_p132 "map focal_p132; set nextmap vstr hub3aeroq3a"
set hub3aeroq3a "map hub3aeroq3a; set nextmap vstr pukka3tourney7"
set pukka3tourney7 "map pukka3tourney7; set nextmap vstr unitooldm4"

For me, it is super laggy but that is understandable based on my distance to the server.

richoi Rep. 50
#2   21 Sep 2020
just tried the test server. my ping is low 100's, but when i encounter the bot(s), there's two, my ping jumps to over 200+. have not tried with other human players yet. factors are probably distance from server (usa, west coast) and old hardware. still fun. will try to get my brother to try.
thank you Tig.
gooball Rep. 1001
#3   21 Sep 2020
I gave it a shot as well, unfortunately my ping was in the 200s :(
Tig Rep. 1184
#4   21 Sep 2020
Thanks people.

I'll leave the test server up for a few more days in case someone has some success.

The bots have been removed to see if that improves performance a bit.

raspatan Rep. 4135
#5   22 Sep 2020
Good idea. Where is it based? I joined from the airport so the connectivity was terrible. I'm afraid I won't be able to use it as I am moving to a distant timezone.
Btw, there are many q3 servers available, in different locations. You can see them all using software like this one: xqf.github.io/en/
Most have standard maps, which is the main problem. This server is a good idea on that regard, to give space to other maps. I hope it last!
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gooball Rep. 1001
#6   22 Sep 2020
Most (if not all) of the current online servers that I tried are filled with bots, usually made out to look like real players as far as I can tell.
raspatan Rep. 4135
#7   23 Sep 2020
@gooball Totally true, unfortunately. Coordination is needed. I guess that is one reason Steam and its "friend list" tool is so spot on. I don't have Q3 on steam because you need to pay (I paid long ago and lost my original game). Bethesda launched a Steam alternative which also has Quake 3. It was giving it for free until a month ago! I sadly missed it. Now you have to pay for it. It's not yet mainstream though...
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Tig Rep. 1184
#8   26 Sep 2020
Just a FYI, the test server has been switched off.

Maybe someone else has a better server they can use. Either way, this one did not really work. Was worth a try.

gooball Rep. 1001
#9   26 Sep 2020
Understandable. My ping was just too high to be playable, maybe someone else will have better luck some day.

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