..::LvL 10th Anniversary FFA Map pack
..::LvL 10th Anniversary FFA Map pack by Various

Wow! 10 years have passed since Quake III Arena was released and ..::LvL was born.

Without all the people who were contributing their work in form of maps, mods, websites etc. to this community, Quake III Arena would not have had such a long lifetime.

This map-pack contain some of the best Deathmatch maps ever made for this game and all have been uploaded and reviewed on ..::LvL. Included in this download are the following:

  • Disinformation by Bal
  • Estatica by Cardigan
  • Iron Yard by Friction
  • Coriolis Storm by Lunaran
  • Fistful of Steel by Killer
  • Vorsprung durch Vernichtung by Killer
  • Pyramid of the Magician by Sock
  • The Soremill v2 by psion
  • Undeniable Opression by Suicide20
  • Falling Higher by Senn

Big thanks goes out to all the mappers who have helped keep ..::LvL alive with their work and made playing Quake III Arena so much more interesting.

The ..::LvL 10th Anniversary Deathmatch Map-pack was put together by Combo with support from Tigger-oN. While all effort was made to contact the authors, some email address are no longer working.


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