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Started by gooball
gooball Rep. 816
#1   19 Sep 2020
I've been thinking that it would be great if there was a Q3 server just for hosting some select maps from the website for people to play together on (as an alternative to bots). It's no question that Quake 3 is well past its glory days, it seems that hardly any people play it anymore. However, I'm sure a small community server just for LvL could be fun for a few of us, and also some maps could be experienced as they were meant to be.
richoi Rep. 40
#2   20 Sep 2020
i would most likely play. currently, i play openarena and ioquake3 on public servers. soon, hopefully, i'll get back into quakelive on steam. the new fps are too distracting to play (for me) with their gorgeous graphics. i just wanna look around. plus, most won't run on my 14+ year old linux box :-)
Tig Rep. 1024
#3   20 Sep 2020
Anyone with a nice fast network is welcome to set up a server.

A test server has been set-up, but I do not know if it will last or if it is any good. It will depend on system resources. See this forum thread lvlworld.com/thread/403/0 for more details.

It may only be run on weekends.

Mapsking Rep. 236
#4   20 Sep 2020
Any chance of getting one for OA, or making this compatible with OA, or is there something on my end, using OpenArena, that will allow me to connect to it?

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