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..::LvL zip file metadata access
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 884
#1   01 Sep 2020
Some of the data for the all the zip files that can be downloaded from ..::LvL is now publicly accessible.

For most people, this is pointless data. For developers it could be very useful. Get the full details here: lvlworld.com/metadata

The data is automatically updated once per day and will include the maps from the map queue.

Need something else for your Q3A project? Let me know.

raspatan Rep. 1708
#2   02 Sep 2020
Cool. What about promoting mods? Or is that beyond the scope of the site?
Tig Rep. 884
#3   02 Sep 2020
@raspatan (and anyone else) : Regarding mods and ..::LvL.

Please create an updated post on Best Quake III mods of all time lvlworld.com/thread/27/1 thread and I'll put something together.

What I will need is:

- Mod title
- Very short description
- URL for main site and / or download if possible.

I'll collate the list and link out to any mods still in production. Any mods that are no longer being worked on I'll mirror on ..::LvL (unless file space becomes a problem).

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