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Started by Blood
Blood Rep. 684
#1   30 Sep 2014
Hey Guys, I was unable to get bot support to work in my second map, which is understandably unpopular with players who want to try out a level. I was wondering if its possible to decompile the bsp to a map file and run a bot script? I dont think i have the original files backed up anywhere to use which is a shame. It would be nice to play with 7 or 8 bots rather than running around in an empty map.
Tig Rep. 964
#2   02 Oct 2014
You can run bspc -bsp2aas against any BSP file - you don't need the original .map file. However, if there is an issue with bspc creating a bot file (.aas), then you may need to make a change (and recompile) the map. Without the source map this is next to impossible.

There is a method to trick bspc in to making a valid bot file for a map that it is having an issue with, if you don't want to make any changes - by having two versions. The first is the "final" version of the map, the other is a bot friendly version. Lots more info here: www.simonoc.com/pa...mp/pom_bots.htm

And there is some good documentation for bspc here: icculus.org/gtkrad...Manual/bspc.txt

Blood Rep. 684
#3   03 Oct 2014
Great thanks a lot for your efforts Tig, will give these ideas a shot.
If it doesnt work, i may just start a new map.
And will be sure to keep bots in mind during construction, lol.
leilei Rep. 327
#4   03 Oct 2014
I often had similar bspc compiling crashes at the splits part, had to throw a botclip brush around in the editor to eliminate where it was. Often my issue involved really tiny micro splits at odd angles caused by QuArK's crappy 'high precision brushes!!!! remember to keep your quark knife sharp while we never fix this bug!!'
CZghost Rep. 1483
#5   08 Oct 2014
I do not use QuArK as it has a way too complicated controls for my taste. Glad of Radiant...
MBT Rep. 233
#6   05 Dec 2014
Sock's documentation is great, but has a missing step which is editing the AAS in a hexeditor.
The procedure described in this thread www.quake3world.co...m/viewtopic.php pretty much worked for me...
Blood Rep. 684
#7   08 Dec 2014
I tried running bspc-bsp2aas and everything was running well until it stopped and gave a leak error. Tried a few more times and also tried different settings but it wouldn't complete. The bot compile must be calculating factors that aren't important or that don't come into play during normal compiles because the map itself compiled without problems when i originally made it, all leaks were sealed.
fKd Rep. 325
#8   08 Dec 2014
post a copy of your .map file and i'll have a look if you want.
Blood Rep. 684
#9   08 Dec 2014
I dont have the original map file. This map was made in 2004 and i had the zip of the completed map but not the original radiant .map file, sitting around for years and didnt release it until earlier this year to lvl. I tried using the bsp of that zip just recently to make a bot file because having bots makes it much better for reviewing, but it didnt work, it detected leaks and stopped. So the map continues to sit without bots.

I wish i had the .map files saved somewhere, but i have checked my old hard drives and cant find it anywhere. Theres a stack of old drives in one of my brothers boxes from around that time but i cant be bothered hooking up each and looking. If i knew for certain it was on one of them i might be inclined to put in the effort but its no guarantee.

You can grab the zip file and mess around with the .bsp if you want to try your luck with that, the map is called blooddm2 in the submit section.

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CZghost Rep. 1483
#10   09 Dec 2014
Invalid bevel error. What kind the f*ck of bevel you used? Forcesidesvisible and even decompile of the map by bspc failed, what editor and what compiler did you use for the map to be built?
Blood Rep. 684
#11   10 Dec 2014
Invalid bevel error. What kind the f*ck of bevel you used?
Im gonna guess the completely wrong kind lol.
I believe i used gtkradiant v1.2, which I think came with some version of q3map2 but i dont know for sure its been too long.
I have been out of the map game for some time, made a cool map for mohaa 7 years ago but thats about it. I was going to release my maps to lvl but just never got around to it.

But anyways im not a total idiot, i did manage to get bots to work in my first map, thank god. I remember trying to get blooddm2 to successfully complete bot compiles but it gave errors i didnt understand so i gave up. And both maps sat around until recently.

I made this bot support post hoping something could be done to add bots to it without the original .map but its looking unlikely if not impossible. Its beyond my technical know how to get it to work at this point i think.

For a couple of years now i have had some ideas floating in my head for 1 more q3 map, im thinking a smallish/med size space map, but with less chance of falling off than most space maps. We'll see.

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PaN61 Rep. 240
#12   10 Dec 2014
You can create a .aas file [Bot Support] for a .bsp without a map file anymore, however when the map has issues like leaks from the playing environment to the void, it refuses to make it due to such errors.

What I'd try doing is decompiling the .bsp file so you can have a .map file from that .bsp, however I've heard that the co-ordinates of brushes and entities can become skewed or shifted (But not always) and not as created in the original. You could say this process is a 'last resort' but then again, you can always create the same map over and over again.

CZghost Rep. 1483
#13   13 Dec 2014
BSPC just cannot handle with the leaked or somewhat damaged maps. I wanted to create a map file for bots only (graphics are not important), then reattach the AAS to the original file, but as BSPC f*cked me up with the corrupted bsp, I decided to let it go...
GuitarMan Rep. 348
#14   13 Dec 2014
bsp2aas should be able to create an .aas file withouth any hassles. The problem in this case is that most mappers (with the exception of the guys who actually know what they're doing; btw, none of us need to be a professional level designer to know the deal ) tend to overlook the ways of proper mapping, so they end up with leaks on their maps. Yeah, leaks can happen, but they're relatively easy to spot on .map files. So why do mappers insist on "fixing" leaks by boxing a whole map? Which btw adds a shtload of unneeded and shtty data to bsp and aas files and therefore to the whole rendering of the map when q3a loads it. See all the unneeded trouble a freaking leak brings? Why do mappers still let leaks stay on their maps, being so easy to spot and fix, is beyond me. Even I was able to locate a leak on my .map files and that was so many years ago when my head was so full of booze and other toxic stuff that I couldn't do anything right. Well, I guess that's the way it is.

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Takkie Rep. 1287
#15   13 Dec 2014
Yep, just follow the red line and fix the gap to the void <- off topic.
on topic -> I suggest to build the map from scratch, you'll notice you have learned a lot from previous maps and it doesn't have to take that much time.
And the map and bots will perform better.
CZghost Rep. 1483
#16   14 Dec 2014
Not everybody has the time to rebuild the map whole from scratch, so when it has missing bots file and can't be created, the map won't decompile, then this map is not for me who wants to play with bots for fun since there are almost no servers to play on which will host this map and I'm not such an online player. Seriously, I usualy do not download maps that they do not offer AAS file unless they are recommended to play at least with friends on LAN or I'm downloading from the queue... I must say that when I design map for download, I always include AAS file to play with bots, also for server being set up where there are bots filling up gaps (this is done by bot_minplayers cvar) of player slots. When there is no AAS file, but the map itself looks and moves well, why not to give the try on LAN party?
Takkie Rep. 1287
#17   14 Dec 2014
I understand, i also only play against bots and map building does take time. But if a map has issues and (de)compile problems bots will suck for sure even if you can come up with an .aas file eventualy.
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