Up & Down
by uoz
Up & Down by uoz

A medium sized level that is symmetrical right down to the item placement. The symmetry is not immediately apparent due to the complexity of the layout and item placement is really quite good. The map is extremely vertical in some areas. All fighting styles are supported from long range Rail action, to tight and twisting in your face with a Shot Gun shoot outs. Bots seem to get around pretty well with the help of 10 spawn points. The brushwork is solid and the level of detail very good. Lighting is well done with good fixture placement and shader effects, but I suspect it may seem a tad dark with some graphic cards. What sets this map apart is just the right blend of base over Gothic texturing. A solid release from an author that truly has a sense of style.

Grab this one.

Reviewed by cyberhazard

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (31 votes)

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