Deep Space 1
Deep Space 1 by cyberhazard

The map is set on an open plan space ship. The texturing is great, curves have been well used and the brush work is very effective without being over the top. The lighting is very flat and could probably have been a lot better but this is typical for a space level. The layout is enjoyable and can even be a little strategic with the two tunnels down the middle. The level plays best as a small FFA. Tourney games are enjoyable but the item locations would need to be adjusted for more serious 1on1 games. A 6 player DM game was fast and crazy (and a lot of fun!) which is a little unusual for such a small map. Bots do have a few problems and are always hanging out on the jump pad to the Red Armour. They can also become a little too predictable.

Space map fans should check out this one.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (18 votes)

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