LIQUID HONG (A Watery Grave IV)
LIQUID HONG (A Watery Grave IV) by Johnny Hong

A medium sized FFA map with a large central area surrounded by a network of corridors and small connecting rooms. The main feature of this arena is the large, suspended body of water which divides the top and bottom floors. This area is a little strange and it can get confusing in the heat of a battle, but it can also make for some enjoyable water/ground battles. The game play focuses on this central arena, partly because the passages surrounding it are far too cramped. Although the map can be enjoyable to play, there is little in the way of eye candy. Texturing and lighting are acceptable but nothing special. The brushwork is too fiddly in places. The r_speeds are generally fine, but users with slower computers may notice a performance hit in some places. Bots have no problems.

Some will enjoy this more than others.

Reviewed by Juz

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (4 votes)

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