A Tribute To Dale Earnhart
A Tribute To Dale Earnhart by johnboy

A tribute to the racing driver Dale Earnhart, its basically a glorified box map. Visually this map is severely lacking. Lighting is bland. Texturing is a messy blend of Gothic, tech and scantily clad women. The architecture is generally uninteresting. Large open areas, and plenty of shaders means that R_speeds can get a bit high in places but most people should have no problems. The layout is unexciting - a large rectangular box with two floors. Game play tends to concentrate on the bottom floor, with some sections of the map not seeing much action at all. It can be fun for a couple of rounds, and there are a few nice features such as the secret MegaHealth, but it quickly gets boring. Bots do fine.

Not a keeper.

Reviewed by Juz

Update - The level now appears correctly in the Skirmship menu. (12th Aug, 2001)

Ranked: 1.4 out of 5 (6 votes)

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