Source of Agony
Source of Agony by Alcatraz

A first release with some great game play. A well sized, open plan structure with fast connectivity. There are a lot of teleporters, probably too many really. The teleporters increase the learning curve for the map layout, but they do increase the number of connections between areas. The open structure and layout does wonders for the game play but at the cost of higher r_speeds. Low spec systems will notice a frame rate hit but most should be able to play the level happily. The lighting is fine but the texturing is a little on the rough side. Parts of the map are looking fine, with texture choices well suited to the architecture but over all the texturing needs a lot of work. Items are positioned and balanced well. 4 to 6 player DM games are a lot of fun. Bots play a surprisingly good game.

Very solid game play, just a little ugly

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (12 votes)

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