by Rinc
Guttersnipe by Rinc

First off let me say that the lack of directional markers in this level favours sniping over scoring. The map is a semi-complex medium size team arena with a red side and a blue side and God only knows how to get between them. The lighting adds to the confusion, frankly you better be packing a flashlight because some of the twisting little corridors are very dark. Item placement lends itself to heavy Rail action, and thus, more sniping. The Gothic textures used and the detail brushes have this level looking very nice. A few more clip brushes and the removal of a couple of overlapped brushes would have been good. The readme file does not list player loading so I took a stab based on r_speeds. Bots seem to have worked out this level far better than I have.

Compass and a flashlight required.

Reviewed by cyberhazard

Tigs notes: - This map is based on Guttersnipe (Q3A) by Pi.

Ranked: 1.7 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Guttersnipe by Rinc